Did California remember Governor Gavin Newsom?

Republicans wanted evidence that months of frustration with pandemic prophylaxis kept voters away from Democrats.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday that he would be absent early, a contest created by the Democratic Governor as part of a national battle over party values ​​in the face of a coronavirus pandemic. Became the second governor in US history to defeat the intended recall. A protracted threat from “trumpism”.

The victory consolidates Newsom as a celebrity in national democratic politics and maintains the prospects for future US execution.

It also ensures that the most populous states in the country remain under democratic control as a laboratory for progressive policies on immigration, climate change, representation and inequality. If the recall was successful, the Republicans would almost certainly have had to replace Newsom and fight the Democratic-controlled State Capitol, but would have resulted in the opposite political worldview.

The recall, which enabled Newsom’s approach to the pandemic, reflected the country’s fierce political division over business closures and mask and vaccine obligations, and the parties said the results for the 2022 midterm elections. Analyze

President Joe Biden called for a test of the Democratic approach to tighter restrictions and vaccine requirements and urged Californians to show the state that “leadership is important and science is important.” The race was also a test of whether former President Donald Trump and his opposition to right-wing politics would continue to motivate Democrats and independents.

“We defeated Donald Trump, but not trumpism. Mr. Newsom said that trumpism was still alive throughout the country when the former president campaigned with 29 percent lost. I have. “

Republicans wanted evidence that months of frustration with pandemic prophylaxis kept voters away from Democrats. They also sought evidence that voters were tired of liberal leadership. Democrats have dominated governments at all levels of California for more than a decade, a period characterized by the increasingly harmful effects of the housing crisis and climate change. Republicans regained four US House seats last year. The success that leaders expected was a sign of a resurgence of life.

However, call elections are an incomplete barometer, especially about national trends. Democrats outnumber Republicans almost 2: 1 in California, so the results may not be reflected in the Governor of Tossup or how voters will judge next year’s MPs. .. The fact that the unusual contest was held at the end of the summer meant that some voters were not attending.

Voters were asked two questions: should Newsom be recalled, and if so, who should replace him? Of the 46 people listed on the alternative ballot, only a handful were publicly recognized, but most failed to get voter support.

Larry Elder, a conservative talk radio host who took part in the race just three months before the election day, quickly jumped to the top. But it allowed Newsom to turn the campaign into a choice between two men rather than a referendum on his performance.

Newsom seized the elder’s opposition to the minimum wage and the right to abortion as evidence that he was outside the mainstream of California. The governor branded him “more extreme than Trump,” and Biden called him “the closest clone of Trump I’ve ever seen.”

The contest didn’t bring the circus-like elements of the 2003 California recall completely, but when voters replaced Democratic Governor Gray Davis with Republican movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. It featured a quirky moment in itself.

Reality TV star and former Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner took part in the race, but with little momentum and left the state as part of a campaign to shoot a reality show in Australia. John Cox, a businessman who lost badly to Newsom in 2018, will hire a living bear to join him and boost the campaign by branding himself as the “beast” of Newsom’s “beauty”. It was made. The most well-known Democrat in alternative voting was the 29-year-old YouTube star who provided financial advice to his followers.

Newsom broke the recall, but could soon face the elder again. The governor is scheduled to be reelected next year, and the Primary, which votes all party candidates for one vote, is only nine months away.

The recall, initiated by an amateur political organization, began as an expression of frustration with Democratic power, rather than the first attempt to expel Newsom. But when Newsom issued the nation’s first state-wide stay-at-home order, the pandemic became the driving force behind the race.

Recall that the organizer needed about 1.5 million signatures to create the ballot. There are 22 million registered voters in California. Part of their success is due to the day of November, when judges gave another four months to collect signatures for the pandemic.

That same day, Newsom attended a birthday party with friends and lobbyists at a luxurious French Laundry restaurant. This was a gathering that violated his pandemic rules. The episode was involved in a public relations disaster.

Proponents of the recall expressed frustration with the closure of the business for several months, restrictions that hindered distance learning for most children throughout the year, and the misleading patchwork of rules governing how people get together with friends and family. bottom. Increasing murders, an unabated homeless crisis, and unemployment fraud scandals have further offended Newsom critics.

But the wider population remained on Newsom’s side. A study from the California Institute of Public Policy showed that his approval rate remained above 50% throughout the pandemic. In the coming weeks, a laboratory study showed that 60% of Californians approved the Newsom pandemic.

In the early months of the campaign, Newsom declared California “groaning” from the virus and took advantage of the tax plunge to spend billions of dollars on programs from children’s education to the homeless. .. Middle-income and low-income Californians each received a check of up to $ 1,100.

The rise of the highly contagious delta variant during the summer undermined Newsom’s positive message as Newsum began assembling the race as one of the “life or death” consequences. He pointed out Texas and Florida, where the surge has been exacerbated by the Republican governor’s refusal to oblige masks and vaccines, as a warning about what will happen to California. When Texas’s new law banning most abortions came into effect on September 1, the comparison with Newsom’s Republican state became stricter.

The Newsom administration requires children to wear masks at school and all health care workers to be vaccinated. Teachers and civil servants should be vaccinated or tested on a regular basis. Ace Smith, one of Newsom’s political consultants, said he believed he would provide Newsom and the Democrats with a “clear mission” of public health “sanity” before the race was over.

The party’s biggest celebrity stepped into Newsom, emphasizing the country’s interests. Beyond Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and former President Barack Obama have appeared in state or campaign ads to help Newsam increase voting rates.

National Republican leaders continued the contest primarily among independent companies. Trump made little comment on the race until the final day. He proposed without evidence that the results were incorrect due to mail voting. One of the original organizers of the recall said his comments were more harmful than good.

On the closing day, the elders’ campaign reflected Trump’s message, hoping for “Shenanigan” and linking to a website that hinted that Newsom had already won the election because of fraud. The site contained the wording of a petition circulated to support Trump’s efforts to overturn last year’s presidential election, but the wording was removed by Tuesday afternoon.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, once considered the party’s best hope to regain state-wide positions based on records in democratic cities, failed to find a niche with voters. Struggled to appeal to both the party base and a wide range of voters. The elder quickly gained attention from the party’s conservative grassroots, but also alienated independents and Democrats who may have voted against Newsom.

As Mayor of San Francisco, Newsom has been considered a potential White House candidate since at least 2004 when he opposed federal law to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples. His victory maintained those prospects, but he would still have to navigate Harris’ ambitions that came through San Francisco politics with Newsom.

Newsom entered the contest in an advantageous position — it was he who won or lost. Voters in California have fewer Republicans than they did in 2003, when they launched Davis, the Democratic Party, and are neither white nor young. Newsom was allowed to raise unlimited funding, dwarfing competitors while flooding TV screens with ads. Public-sector trade unions and business and technical executives have poured millions into his campaign.

The Republican Party aims to build on four victories in Congress in 2020 and has recruited tens of thousands more volunteers for the recall campaign. Voter turnout and recall results in Orange County and the four districts of Southern California on the outskirts of Los Angeles will be an early indication of the party’s ability to win seats next year.

Contributed by Associated Press writer Julie Watson of San Diego, Josephine Gecker of Lafayette, and Don Thompson of Roseville.

Did California remember Governor Gavin Newsom?

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