Do Black Friday shoppers find deals directly or online?

The National Retail Federation estimates that from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber ​​Monday, there will be about 2 million more shoppers compared to last year.

Ohio Oregon — As the holiday season goes into full swing, Black Friday shoppers are preparing for a bright and fast shopping frenzy.

However, we are still in a pandemic and the biggest shopping days of the year can look significantly different.

Remember the long line before Black Friday at Best Buy in 2019?

Well, it wasn’t a line at all at this point in 2021.

However, some of the customers we talked to do not allow it to put dampers in their shopping plans.

I asked a shopper in Oregon if he was planning to go shopping for Black Friday.

“Yes, we always go,” said Debbie Kaiser.

For some families like her, Black Friday is a tradition and a Thanksgiving event.

“It’s a tradition for my daughter and me. My mother often goes, and she died, but we continue the tradition,” Kaiser said.

And some, like another Oregon shopper, Nanetti Romstadt, want to avoid it.

“I’m not going to the store. I went yesterday, and today I ended up staying around the crowd, so I’m fine,” she said.

Romstadt said he wasn’t around the whole crowd because of the ongoing pandemic.

In addition, she said there are other benefits.

“I get the deal, I get the stuff before anyone else gets it. I got the coat for $ 24 yesterday. It was $ 150. Yes, so I’m more Get it. I usually choose it better, “Romstadt said.

Some shoppers avoid Black Friday shopping, but the National Retail Federation expects nearly two million more to shop.

This includes Thanksgiving to Cyber ​​Monday compared to last year.

Kaiser said it was the thrill and the bond between the girls that kept them moving.

But I still have questions-what can shoppers expect on Friday?

“Well, I’ll see more tomorrow. I’ve done more online shopping, so we don’t have to go out so much, but hopefully it’ll be a little better. Cause me Often I know it’s very crowded, “Kaiser said.

Black Friday Shopping Tips 2021

Do Black Friday shoppers find deals directly or online?

Source link Do Black Friday shoppers find deals directly or online?

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