Do you need automatic weather alerts on your Android and iPhone?This is the solution

Automatic weather alerts on smartphones, such as those provided by the Google app, are useful, but are fine-tuned when outdoor temperatures reach accurate values ​​or when certain atmospheric conditions such as rain or storms occur. A weather warning may be required. In addition, setting automatic alerts to the desired temperature level saves you the trouble of regularly checking the weather app on your mobile phone or the weather information on your TV.

It may seem that advanced settings are required to be able to set such alerts, but there are apps that can do it with little effort. In just a few steps, you can set up a custom weather alert on your mobile phone.

For Android

step 1: Open the Play Store and look for a custom weather app.

Step 2: When you launch the app, you’ll see a quick tour of the app’s features.Read the hint and wait until the hint is over[次へ]Press and hold.

Step 3: The app has three tabs: Weather, Alarms and Settings.[設定]On the tab, set the location to check the temperature in the app. You can also set the location using GPS. In addition, you can choose your favorite display unit.

Step 4: next,[アラーム]Go to the tab and press the floating button to add an alarm. The button displays an alarm icon with a plus sign.

Step 5: A pop-up list opens. From the list, you can choose whether to display alerts based solely on weather conditions such as rain, storms, snow, and cloudy weather, or set temperatures.

Step 6: If you select an option such as temperature, the next pop-up will prompt you to set more alarms. You can use the slider to select the exact temperature for which you want to set alerts. You can choose whether to be alerted when the temperature drops to the set level or exceeds the set level. You can also select the date and time of the alert.

Step 7: Enter a description for the alarm and[アラームの追加]Click.

For iPhone / iPad

step 1: Open the App Store and look for the Custom Weather Alerts app.

Step 2: Install and open the custom weather app and create an account. You may need to activate your free trial or subscription to proceed.

Step 3: Then at the bottom bar[アラーム]Touch. Then touch the plus icon in the upper right to add an alarm. Name the alarm and select the conditions for which you want to get the alert.

Step 4: You can also set the time when the app checks the conditions.Once you’ve set everything you need, the top right[保存]Tap an option. Alternatively, you can use the IFTTT (If This Then That) automation service to get custom weather alerts by email.

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Do you need automatic weather alerts on your Android and iPhone?This is the solution

Source link Do you need automatic weather alerts on your Android and iPhone?This is the solution

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