Do you really need an oversized casket? How do you know if you need one?

This is a question I get asked many times.

Many bereaved families approach me and are like, “Hey there, what’s really the difference between oversized caskets and normal caskets?” Others may put it like this, “Does oversize caskets simply means caskets that are bigger than usual?”

Recently, a neighbor of mine whose father died of Parkinson’s reached out and said, “Yo bro, I just wanted to know, do we really need an oversized casket or should we get a regular size?”

I take it you’re here because you also have similar questions about oversize caskets.

Well, let’s get on with it then, shall we?

What are oversized caskets?

Just as the name implies, oversized caskets are caskets that are bigger than the standard sizes. That is, caskets that are larger than usual.

They are designed to house extremely large individuals, people with larger body mass and size.

Why were oversized caskets invented?

When it became a thing to build custom-sized caskets for the dead.

Oversized caskets explained

Buying an oversize casket online may become a necessity if you have a dead loved one that’s taller or bigger than normal. Logically, every average human being should fit in standard casket sizes. However, in the event your loved one can’t fit securely in a standard-size casket, getting an oversize casket becomes inevitable.

It is believed that an estimated 10% of the human population won’t fit into a regular-sized casket. So, don’t be surprised if your old man turns out to need an oversize casket.

Oversized caskets dimension: How do they compare to standard size caskets?

Here is the size limit of most standard caskets(outside dimensions).

Length: 84 inches

Width: 28 inches

Height: 23 inches

Oversize caskets are generally larger than this. In other words, any caskets with a dimension that exceeds this limit can be considered an oversize casket.

Who needs an oversized casket?

Anyone that fits the descriptions below will surely need an oversize casket.

How do you know if you need an oversized casket?

Traditionally, it’s the funeral home’s job to determine whether someone needs an oversize casket or not. Afterward, they just inform the family of the amount to pay. You wouldn’t even know that they’ve used an oversize casket.

However, with the advent of the ‘buy caskets online’ trend, people are now becoming more aware of different casket sizes and dimensions. I take it you first heard about oversized caskets on the internet, too.

That said, if you’re buying caskets online, it means you won’t have the expertise of a funeral home to call upon in the shopping phase. You’ll have to make the decision yourself. So, the question then is: How will you know whether you need an oversize casket or not?

There are two ways to find out.


 Do oversize caskets suit all large-sized individuals?

Unfortunately, NO.

Oversize caskets are usually suited to people between the weights range of 350 lbs and 550 lbs. If you have a loved one who weighs more than this, you may need to speak with your funeral home for advice. Or you could get in touch with reputable funeral companies like Trusted Casket to see whether they could get something custom-tailored for you.

Can you buy oversize caskets for normal-sized people?

Yes, you can. And sometimes, it makes sense. Because it in some cases it can helps you save costs.

How? Let me explain

Everybody knows oversized caskets are meant for large-sized individuals. But according to expert reports, these people are just a tiny fraction of the human population (about 10%).

Due to their smaller population, there’s usually a lesser demand for oversize caskets. So, here is what most funeral homes and some casket companies do. They run exciting promo deals to get these caskets off their table. If you happen to be shopping for caskets around the time a company, say Trusted Casket, is running this type of deal, you could land some good deals.

And to make the oversize casket suited to your dead, you could layer the cushion.

How much do oversized caskets cost?

Unless you allow a funeral home to roll you over, you can find oversize caskets for the same prices as standard caskets. However, in more often an oversize casket might cost a little bit more than a regular casket of the same quality.

Where to buy oversize caskets

As with standard casket sizes, you could buy an oversize casket at any of the following places:

Search online: The internet is the best place to buy oversize caskets. And the reason is because of the variety of options on offer. You’ll find lots of vendors with comparatively low prices. Take Trusted Casket, for example. They’re the casket provider with the lowest prices in all of the United States.

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