Does Cleveland Browns have the best NFL roster?

The Daily Dog Tag provides all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including how Marcus Spears is promoting the roster as the NFL’s best.

Marcus Spears wasn’t talking about 20-0 for the Kansas City Chiefs.

He asked why everyone was wondering why the chief would beat everyone with a perfect record when he had to pass the Cleveland Browns in the first week. His reason to think it’s not easy for Kansas City — Cleveland is the NFL.

Of course, this led to a lot of debate, but are the Spears correct? So far, this roster has no weaknesses, as there is a large influx of defensive talent this offseason. Oh yeah, maybe they are the best on paper.

The problem is that the game isn’t playing on paper. This team needs to prove that they can get together and win, but the good news is that they have the talent to do so.

That love for Cleveland’s roster and more can be found in today’s Daily Dog Tag.

Cleveland Browns News

Marcus Spears: Browns writes AFC’s best list on paper — Browns Nation, Mark Bergin

“On paper, the Cleveland Browns currently have the best roster on the AFC side of the NFL,” Spears said. “Please quote me.”

Spears emphasized that the roster was loaded, and he is right. Sure, you can point out the chief who currently has Patrick Mahomes, who is arguably the best player in the NFL, but their roster has more holes than the Browns overall. This should be a fun contest for the first week.

Can Baker Mayfield put together his first perfect good season? 21 Questions to the Browns of ’21_Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland.com

“Mayfield’s rating towards 2021 shows PFF ranking him 10th in the QB and CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco excludes him from the list of 2021’s top 100 players, including 14 quarterbacks. Did.”

Mary Kay believes Mayfield can build on the success of 2020, citing several reasons. Of course, the biggest thing is the fact that he will join the same system in the second season for the first time in his NFL career. That in itself should be a reason to believe he can start with his right foot.

NFL Analyst Names Cleveland Browns O-line as League’s Best Player

Marcus Spears considers the entire roster to be the best in the NFL. As for Brian Boru, he sees mostly offensive lines, and Cleveland has the best five in the business there, he says.

Baker’s Dozen: Baker Mayfield’s Greatest Moments

Our own John Schan sees Baker Mayfield’s first three seasons in the NFL and tells us the best moments of Baker’s Dozen.

Does Cleveland Browns have the best NFL roster?

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