Dog shelters provide incentives to find an eternal home for the Pitbull

The “Glass City Pitties” program by Lucas County Canine Care and Control provides an incentive of $ 150 per dog for local rescue to undertake more pitbulls for adoption.

Toledo, Ohio — When it comes to human best friends, the Pitbull often wraps badly and becomes a dog that fills the shelter.

However, the new grant is looking to help find a good home for this breed in the care and management of dogs in Lucas County.

The Glass City Pitties program uses a $ 15,000 grant to give local rescue teams an incentive to take on pitbulls from LC4 and end their stigma.

The Best Friends Animal Society is Utah’s national non-profit animal rescue effort aimed at helping shelters save as many animals as possible and leading to the overall goal of not killing shelters. ..

Ridley is a 3-year-old pit in LC4 and has been stuck in Toledo’s central shelter for two months.

“Many of these dogs have no behavioral or medical problems. Lucas County dog ​​friend Dou Dibble said,” We have so many holes that are often overlooked. ” Said.

Pitbull makes up more than 90% of LC4 dogs. That’s why the new program is hiring more pitbulls with the help of local rescue teams.

“We will pay incentives for these rescue partners to move their dogs to their shelter,” Dible said.

Local rescue teams must approve 501c3 and receive an incentive of $ 150 for every pitbull taken. This program is only for dogs who have been in LC4 for more than a month.

“It’s a bit weird because we’re traveling in the fall with a lot of dogs,” said LC4 director Kelly Sears.

There are currently 142 dogs in the shelter. It is far more than the usual 100 animals. Almost all dogs are pitbulls or hybrids, surrender or have been found as stray dogs.

She says many have been stuck in shelters for too long, simply overlooked because of their breed.

“The longer you stay in the shelter, the more stress you have, so I want to focus on what you’ve been staying for the longest,” Sears said. “And even the finest shelters are shelters, not homes.”

They say the new program will give these dogs more exposure and the opportunity to be adopted sooner.

Sears added that he expects a donation that is consistent with a $ 15,000 grant.

In total, they believe the new program will help about 200 dogs find a home forever.

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Dog shelters provide incentives to find an eternal home for the Pitbull

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