Doubt grows as Major League Baseball stalls

New York — The threat to the opening day of March 31 will intensify on Thursday when the withdrawn negotiations to end the Major League Baseball lockout end only 15 minutes after resuming after a four-day break. It looked like.

Instead, the second day of spring training was supposed to be the 78th day of the second longest holiday in baseball history. After the sixth meeting on the core economy since the lockout began on December 2, the two have different interpretations of brevity. The union didn’t read much of the short sessions. about.

A session on non-core issues is scheduled for Friday, but no date has been set for resuming the main talk. Both sides have about two weeks left to reach a contract that allows for adequate spring training prior to the on-time opening.

Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu said before the meeting, “I hope something is resolved soon,” shortly after working out with teammate Aaron Judge in the field at the University of Tampa, Florida. .. “Baseball will be a business — it’s not that much fun, but it’s definitely something that needs to happen.”

At this time, MLB has not publicly acknowledged that the opening round of the exhibition will not take place as scheduled for February 26th. The union told MLB that it was ready to meet every day next week.

There was no discussion of key issues such as luxury tax bases and rates, minimum wages, union proposals to reduce income distribution, and player service time manipulation claims. The two camps are far apart in all of these areas, even in the postseason. The owner wants to expand the playoffs from 10 teams to 14 teams, but the players offer 12 teams.

Nevertheless, the union’s changes in arbitration have moved the two camps closer in structure, in case they actually initiate intensive negotiations. Without the threat of imminent loss caused by missing a regular season match, both sides seem hesitant to reveal their final position.

Deputy Commissioners Dan Harem, Vice President Morgan Sword, and Senior Vice President Patrick Houlihan were usually a five-minute walk from MLB’s West Midtown office to the Players’ Association’s East Midtown workplace on warm winter afternoons.

Sword and Houlihan left shortly after arrival, and Harem continued a 20-minute one-on-one meeting with the union’s chief negotiator, Bruce Meyer. The story was described as unusually straightforward.

Both negotiators planned to discuss the status of the meeting with their members.

The union has withdrawn its request to reduce salary arbitration eligibility to a two-year Major League Baseball service from 1974 to 1986. Instead, players have suggested expanding the so-called Super 2 Group to the top 80% in service time, from 22%, the level since 2013, to the top 80% of groups between 2 and 3 years.

Both sides maintain the requirement that 86 days of service be required in the most recent season. MLB estimates that 97 additional players will be subject to arbitration this year under the union plan.

The club states that increasing eligibility for arbitration and reducing revenue sharing is not a beginner.

The union has also increased the bonus pool offered to pre-arbitrated players from a central revenue of $ 100 million to $ 115 million. This is the move the club received as a retreat step. The team agreed with this concept, but provided $ 15 million.

The union has expanded the proposed qualifications for the bonus pool from 30 to 150. It will be distributed based on the recognition of WAR, participation in all MLB teams, and the best fielders, best pitchers, best newcomers, and more.

Players have made suggestions in six non-economic areas, including joint drug programs, international play, health and safety.

Player photos were removed from behind the scoreboard on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, when pitchers and catchers were scheduled to camp at the New York Yankees Spring Camp in George M. Steinbrennerfield, Tampa, Florida. rice field. .. With the lockout extended to 77 days and the second longest outage in baseball history, the topic of regular spring training is lost. (AP photo / Steve Nesius)

Doubt grows as Major League Baseball stalls

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