Downtown Pain’s Building Organization Launches Revitalization Project

NS Downtown Pain’s Building Organization We announced that the kick-off event will be held on August 5th at the Renew Partners Building. 30 South Park Place..

There will be an introduction at 10:30 am and a walking tour will continue at 11:00.

According to a news release, the project is one of the four winners of the National Park Service’s Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grants Program. The program promotes Ohio’s Main Street Community by facilitating the rehabilitation of historic buildings that prioritize economic impact, the use of commercial first and upper floor residential space, and the revitalization of vacant space. We support.

Ohio was one of the eight states to receive this funding in August 2020. The Ohio History Link has re-granted $ 446,327 to four projects in the Main Street community.

The Ohio Main Street Program, run by Heritage Geohaio, works with communities throughout the state to revitalize historic or traditional commercial areas. The Main Street approach was developed by the National Trust Historic Preservation to preserve the structure of historic commercial buildings and the building environment of the American community, based on historical preservation.

Heritage Geo-Hio oversees a grant project that works in collaboration with the local main street organization, the Downtown Pain’s Building organization.

“We are excited about the opportunity to drive the revitalization of Downtown Pain’s Building,” said Joy Severa, Executive Director of the Downtown Pain’s Building Organization, in a release. “This project will bring the building back to its original beauty and raise new interest in the walkable historic center.

“This grant provided us with the opportunity to accelerate this historic tax credit project, bring new vibrancy, maintain the character of the district and encourage new versatile opportunities in the heart of downtown.” , Painesville Development Director Kathy Beaterman added in the release. .. “This project also promotes a traditional pedestrian-friendly connection with our town square, which brings new energy to our community.”

“We are pleased to receive this grant, which provides a valuable additional incentive for our project,” said Warren Vickers of Renew Partners. “Our company is excited and enthusiastic about revitalizing important historic buildings in Painesville. This building provides new energy to the downtown area and further to the city. Helps generate investment. “

Downtown Pain’s Building Organization Launches Revitalization Project

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