Dyson Purifier Cool, Hot + Cool Air Purifier Released with Higher Purity, Quiet Fan

Dyson India has announced the launch of two new generation air purifiers from its portfolio, Dyson Purifier Cool and Purifier Hot + Cool. The two new air purifiers are their predecessors, Pure Cool and Pure Hot + Cool (review) Claims that the company has provided strategic engineering upgrades to make the new refiner better as an overall package. Some of the key improvements are claimed by Dyson to reduce air leaks, improve air purification, quieter air output from fans, and achieve a quieter runtime. Most of the other features remain iterative at best.

Regarding new features, the Dyson Purifier Cool and Hot + Cool air purifiers claim to have a redesigned airflow path. According to the company, this provides a completely sealed HEPA13 filtration process. Better sealing reportedly blocks loose filter fittings and limits unfiltered incoming air from bypassing the filter. This also applies to air power, which has been reported to limit the recirculation of dirty air into the purified air stream. A Dyson spokeswoman claims that this new sealing technology allows the new Purifier Cool and Hot + Cool to remove 99.95% of impurities from the air and reach particles up to 0.1 micro size.

Dyson further claims that the redesigned sealing applies to the entire machine, not just the filter, which gives the refiner HEPAH13 standard certification. “Dyson engineers have taken a forensic approach to achieving a completely sealed machine, and also created high-pressure seals at 24 key points, where dirty air bypasses the filter and chambers contaminants. I prevented them from taking them home, “says the company.

Regarding the reduction of noise output, Dyson claims that the point of contact between the output air and the body of the purifier has been reduced. This seems to have reduced the noise output from the new purification equipment Cool and Hot + Cool by 20%. “Dyson engineers have improved the overall air flow and improved its shape by widening the openings (slots through which air exits the machine),” the company says. Most other features, such as wingless fan technology combined with bladeless fans and heating technology, remain the same.

The price of Dyson Purifier Cool is Rs45,900 and the price of Purifier Hot + Cool is Rs55,900. Both units are available in black and white and can be purchased online from Dyson’s own site, Amazon and Flipkart. It is also available offline in certain Chrome and Reliance stores and in stores of 12 physical companies in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

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Dyson Purifier Cool, Hot + Cool Air Purifier Released with Higher Purity, Quiet Fan

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