Eagles Offense vs. Buccaneers Defense

Tampa Bay Buccaneers In this weekend’s wildcard match, the top-ranked rush attack of the regular season will compete against the third-placed rush defense.Carmen Vitali

The Buccaneers will face the Eagles team, which they had technically faced before this season. However, there have been many changes since the 6th week, and players and coaches will tell you that first.

“Formal and general, he did a lot of things that were a little different from last week’s play. It’s been a while. [since then] -It’s like a story of two seasons. We are different and different, so there are many different things at both ends, so it feels like we are playing for the first time. “

Before the end of the regular season, Philadelphia rushed to the top spot with an attack, averaging 159.7 yards per game this season. According to the NFL Next Gen Stats, the average expected yardage per carry at week 18 is 4.6, the second highest in the NFL. Nevertheless, they still exceeded expectations and achieved it with 40.1% of attempts. This is also the second highest number in the NFL.

Much of it is simply due to the offensive lines of veterans who probably haven’t earned as much credit as it deserves. They succeeded in opening a run lane for the players behind them to enable that type of performance. But what’s even more impressive? The leading rusher for the Eagles is none other than quarterback Jalen Hurts himself.

This is because he knows exactly what this Philadelphia crime will do with him. NGS says Hearts leads all quarterbacks in yards, touchdowns and unexpected rush yards, and leads the EPA in designed runs this season. And a lot of such plays are working. The Eagles call Lampley or Play Action in two-thirds of this season’s play. This is the highest rate in the NFL. It also works for Hurts. He has a passer rating of 103.4 if he is using play action, but 79.9 otherwise.

Play action is often used to relieve the pressure that Hearts faces a lot this season. He is under pressure on 31.9% of dropbacks, which ranks in the top 10. In such situations, Hearts has 13.6 airyards in a single attempt and is ranked third, but with a lower completion rate. According to NGS, the completion rate in the face of pressure is only 44.2%. It’s 24th in the league.

When Hearts chooses to throw it, he can do it in many ways. He has an ankle injury, but this season he has the second scrambled yard per dropback, with an average mileage of 7.1 yards. It helps him escape the pressure mentioned above in the process and avoids it with 21.0% of his pressured dropback this season, the fifth highest in the NFL, according to the NGS. This means he is throwing a run at a rate of 21% attempt. This is the highest percentage in the league. But that’s not the worst thing in the world-again his completion rate is suffering. The completion rate when throwing the run of 25th place in the league is 47.8%.

Those numbers are a little bulging due to the fact that he is obviously forced to scramble quite a bit.

There is an opportunity to defend Buccaneer: put pressure on Hearts. It will force him to make a decision on the line either way. He chooses to pass the ball to a running back that he thinks the 3rd place rush defense can withstand the challenge, or tries to throw a run. This is also advantageous for defense there. Even with a quick pass of less than 2.5 seconds, Hurts struggles. He has a quick throw completion rate of only 72.7%, which is 22nd in the league and only 5.5 yards in a single trial, or 30th. As a result, he doesn’t try them often. Only 37% of his pass attempts are quick throws, also in 30th place. Now, Hearts can also take the ball himself-and that’s the main thing Bucks has to get tired of. They have to describe him as the runner of most plays, even if it’s not one of the designed runs mentioned above.

Also, let me explain why you have the opportunity to increase Hurts coverage sack. Hearts holds the ball more than any other quarterback in the league. According to NGS, he is the only signal sender with a slow time of over 3 seconds since 2020. So if your secondary can tighten the Hearts receiver, you’ll give your guys a good chance to beat him-as long as they can contain him at the same time. In other words, keep him in your pocket. When he got out of it, he was, of course, fired for only 16% of his extended dropback this season because of his maneuverability. This is the lowest rate in the NFL.

Oh, and don’t let him do any kind of rhythm. He has an average of 13.0 yards in rhythmic attempts, which leads the NFL.

More advice for secondary? Pay particular attention to the outside, as Hearts avoids the middle of the field like plague. Only 4% of his throws are between hashes. He has the highest out-of-number rate at 52% since 2020, according to NGS. It’s strange because he’s actually succeeded in the intrusion route. His 0.38 pass EPA per attempt ranks eighth in the league, despite the fact that he throws an inbreaker at the lowest rate in the league at 25% per NGS.

This Philadelphia defensive front has done a lot, but of course the same is true for the Bucks defensive front, especially the run. And it starts with the nose harness Vita Bear. Consider that when he is on the field, his opponent gets only 0.5 yards before making contact with each carry. When he is outdoors? According to NGS, they get 1.5 yards before touching.

And, of course, it’s up to Buccane’s defenses to get the job done and work on contact.

We’ve talked a lot about Hearts, but of course the Eagles have other offensive weapons, even if they pass through Hearts in the process. The Miles Sanders running back had a lot of success before the end of the last two weeks of the season. In two of the last three games he played, Sanders went over 100 yards to the ground. In three of the last four games he played, his yard per carry average was over 6.4 yards.

Don’t let him go out of the tackle. He has an average of 6.8 yards per carry on runs outside, which ranks third among all players with a minimum of 50 rushes and has an average of 6.9 yards per carry outside the tackle. It’s just behind the quarterback. This is a weakness for the Buccaneers who dominate in the middle because of people like Vea mentioned earlier. For runs in the tackle, Bucks is ranked number one in defense. In a run outside of them? They are ranked 30th. Here it is important to regain people like Shaquil Barrett and Jason Pierre Paul.

In addition, wide receiver DeVonta Smith accounts for 38.6% of the Eagles’ airyards this season, specifically more than 37% of his airyards come from Golute. Philadelphia also tends to go to him on the outside when it’s important, given that Hearts throws a lot there, of course. He is associated with both Seattle’s DK Metcalf and Cincinnati’s Ja’Marr Chase, touching down to border targets within two yards of the sideline three times.

So what do you do? Press. According to NGS, Smith has been pressed on 33% of detached routes this season. This is the ninth highest rate in the NFL. This is good news for guys like Carlton Davis who love to play aggressive and tight coverage. If he’s lined up with Smith-leave it to him.

Overall, this will stop running and let Hurts play for themselves. Force him to throw as much as possible. The Eagles completely overhauled the attack at the midpoint of the season, demonstrating their strengths as a result of the aggressive coach staff and Nick Sirianni head coach. In the 1st to 7th weeks, 38.5% of the Eagles’ aggressive play was performed. After the 8th week? That number jumped to 58.6%. They rank first in the first down execution rate and overall execution rate for that span.

“I think they got together as a group,” Bowles said. “I think it’s Shane [Steichen] And Nick [Sirianni] It did a great job of expanding offenses and playing football-as well as accomplishing it and playing deep balls. They have done a lot of work on their plans and they have defeated a kind of everyone. Jalen drives a kind of attack. You can see the maturity, you can see the control of the attack, and I think he did the job of hell. “

Please say it again: Stop it. .. Run.

Eagles Offense vs. Buccaneers Defense

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