Easton Shoes will be closed 67 years after serving the Jewish community | Local News

Lenny and Marcia Comeras have closed their 30-year-old business store, marking the end of the 67-year era of institutions serving the Jewish community.

Lenny Comelas, whose father Ruben opened Easton shoes in Columbus with his partner Bill Easton in 1954, has been working at the store since 1978. He practiced the law for several years and said, “My blood.”

He said he was proud to serve the entire Jewish and Central Ohio communities, whether in control of Comelas or his father.

“It really makes a lot of sense to us,” said Comeras. “There have been many changes in the way the city has evolved over the last few years, and I think the Jewish population has grown, diversified and expanded. Instead of concentrating on the east, here There are many Jews in the Warsington and Dublin areas, and we can also serve the current store location. “

Easton Shoes has a long history of relationships with European and Israeli companies and has been able to offer unique products that customers value.

Israeli shoes in production

Marcia Comeras told CJN that she attended a shoe show in Milan many years ago and found many vendors such as NAOT and Beauty Feel. The Comeras family worked with these companies and the brands of their factories in Italy, Germany and Austria to bring these products to their stores.

The Israeli company really stood out, she said, “the Israeli factory produces fashionable, high-quality shoes where people of all religions and professions work in harmony.”

She said Easton shoes were one of the first comfort shoe stores in the United States about 30 years ago.

“Our Comfort Shoes Store sells high quality brands made from the finest materials manufactured in the world’s best factories, with features and benefits not found in most shoes,” Comelas said. Mr. says. “We offer our own professional shoe fitting service.”

Photo 4.JPG

Israeli shoe parts are ready for manufacture

Changing trends

The couple saw many changes in manufacturing and consumer trends during their time as owners.

Lenny Comelas described the changes that took place in 1980. In this change, many American manufacturers have closed their US factories to go to Far Eastern countries such as China and Vietnam. He said Easton shoes never followed that trend, and thought it wouldn’t make sense to take shoes made in a US factory just to get a foreign company to make those same shoes, The quality is inferior.

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Leather for custom Israeli shoes ready to manufacture

“So they were cheaper, but inevitably they weren’t cheaper for US consumers,” Comelas said. “It was a lot cheaper for vendors. They didn’t give the savings back to consumers.”

These challenges, along with the challenges of transporting the COVID-19 pandemic from these countries over the last 18 months, contributed to the decision to close the door this fall, the couple said. But above all, Lenny Comeras told CJN that he was ready to enjoy the rest of his life “without marrying the shoehorn we’ve been married to for a long time.”

“I found it great to be able to actually supply people in central Ohio, especially the Jewish community,” he added, adding that he also had a store in Beckley for five years in the 1980s. “It’s our pleasure to shop in the global market for the best shoes we can find …. We miss all the wonderful relationships we have built with our customers over the last few years.”

Easton Shoes will be closed 67 years after serving the Jewish community | Local News

Source link Easton Shoes will be closed 67 years after serving the Jewish community | Local News

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