El Nino weather pattern is in full swing

Tampa, Florida (W.F.L.A.) — The 2023 hurricane season is entering its final stages, and the El Niño weather pattern is in full swing.

El Niño is one of two phases of the El Niño Southern Oscillation phenomenon. According to , during this stage the trade winds weaken and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean move toward the Americas. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

This weather pattern had a significant impact on the 2023 hurricane season. With 19 named storms, the season was considered active, but thanks to El Niño, very few Atlantic cyclones ended up reaching the continental United States.

“This really shows how different the weather pattern has been this year, with El Niño causing warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, and how that actually played out as fish storm after fish storm. WFLA Meteorologist Rebecca Barry said. Said.

Barry said the storm helped cool the unusually warm Atlantic Ocean, but not by much. record sea surface temperature At the bay.

“Now that we’re heading into winter, El Niño is starting to develop,” says WFLA meteorologist Amanda Holley. “Typically, during the summer when El Niño occurs, there are fewer storms due to lower Atlantic wind shear. As we head into the winter, we will see more development of the Gulf system.”

Holley said an area of ​​low pressure has formed and is feeding warm Gulf of Mexico water as it detours along the coast toward Florida. This pattern is expected to continue in the coming months.

El Niño brings with it an active subtropical jet stream and frequent passage of fronts and storms, making winters on the Gulf Coast wetter and cooler. There will be more cloudy days and temperatures will drop.

“Unfortunately, these storm systems can lead to frequent severe weather events with stronger storms and tornadoes,” Holley said. “So that’s what we have to monitor with these systems.”

These storms will bring much-needed rain to the area. As of November 16, much of the Gulf Coast is in drought conditions.

“Louisiana is in the most severe drought imaginable, so we can afford some rain at this point,” Holley said.

The tropics have been mostly calm this week, with the National Hurricane Center tracking a single storm with a small chance of developing Wednesday. The non-tropical storm is expected to move northeastward through the Atlantic Ocean and pose no threat to the continental United States.

It’s also not inconceivable that rainforests will emerge in the southern Atlantic in the coming weeks, but that possibility becomes less likely as the oceans cool for winter.

https://www.wdtn.com/news/ohio/what-does-the-el-nino-weather-pattern-mean-for-daytons-winter-tracking-the-tropics-teams-answers-the-question/ El Nino weather pattern is in full swing

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