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Expanding College Football Playoff to 12 teams to consider

College Football Playoffs are subject to major overhauls.

Editor’s Note: The attached video is from January 2021

The College Football Playoff has expanded from four teams to twelve teams, with six spots reserved for the highest-ranked conference champions under a proposal that the League Commissioner, who manages the postseason system, will consider next week.

The 12-team playoffs include a large selection of six players in addition to the six-ranked conference champions in major college football, a person familiar with the announcement told The Associated Press Thursday. I will. The person spoke on condition of anonymity, as the CFP has not yet released details.

A full announcement, including details of the plan, was scheduled for late Thursday. Athletic first reported that a 12-team model was proposed.

The CFP’s surprising disclosure will take place one week before the planned presentation by a subgroup of the Executive Committee to the Full Panel, which will take place June 17-18 in Chicago.

This is an important step in the process that needs to be reviewed before the extension is realized.

The Steering Committee will have to decide next week whether to encourage the presidents of the universities that make up the CFP Supervisory Board to expand. The President will meet with the Executive Committee in Dallas on June 22nd.

If approved by the President, the next step is to decide if and when the plan can be implemented.

Expanding College Football Playoff to 12 teams to consider

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