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Donald Trump’s company and his longtime chief financial officer are expected to be prosecuted on Thursday for tax-related crimes resulting from a New York investigation into the former president’s commerce, people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. It was.

Fee Against the Trump organization And the company Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisserberg, Perhaps it comes with non-monetary benefits that the company has given executives, such as the use of apartments, cars, and school tuition.

People were not allowed to talk about ongoing investigations and spoke on condition of anonymity.The· The Wall Street Journal First reported on Thursday that charges are expected.

The accusations against Weisselberg and the Trump Organization will be the first criminal case resulting from a two-year investigation led by Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. Those who resign at the end of the year.

The prosecutor Scrutinize Trump’s tax records, Document submissions and interviews with witnesses, including Trump insiders and company executives.

Grand jury Recently empowered To weigh the evidence, New York Attorney General Letitia James said she Assign two of her lawyers to work with Vance About criminal investigations while she continues Trump’s civil investigation.

A message asking for comment was left to a spokesperson and lawyer for the Trump organization. Weisselberg lawyer Mary Mulligan declined to comment. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

A Trump spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment, But Jason Miller, A long-time former Republican adviser has called the looming charges “politically terrible for the Democratic Party.”

“They told mainstream media to their madness and their supplicants that this was about President Trump. Instead, their witch hunts were innocent, probably by using free parking. Persecuting an 80-year-old man! ”Miller seems to have tweeted and referred to 73-year-old Weisserberg.

Trump, who was critical of President Joe Biden’s immigration policy, was visiting the US-Mexico border in Texas on Wednesday. He attended a briefing with state officials and did not answer the screaming question about the allegations.

Trump blew up the investigation in a statement on Monday, deciding that Vance’s office was “rude, nasty, and completely prejudiced” in dealing with Trump’s company lawyers, representatives, and long-term employees.

In a statement, Mr. Trump said the company’s actions were “a standard practice throughout the US business community, not a crime,” and that Vance’s investigation was “in search of a crime.”

Trump organization lawyer I virtually met a Manhattan prosecutor last week In the last attempt to discourage them from charging the company. The prosecutor has given the lawyer a Monday deadline to argue that criminal accusations should not be filed.

The Trump Organization Lawyer, Ron Fishetti, This week AP told AP that there were no signs of Trump himself It was included in the first batch of charges.

“There are no charges against the former president this week,” Fishetti said. “I can’t say he’s completely out of the forest yet.”

Trump and his loyal lieutenant, Weisserberg Fred, the father of his real estate developer, Partially scrutinized for questions about his son’s use of Trump’s apartment for little or no charge.

Managed by Barry Weisselberg Ice skating rink operated by Trump At Central Park.

Barry’s ex-wife, Jen Weisserberg, I have cooperated with the investigation Submitted a series of tax records and other documents to the investigator.

“We have been working with prosecutors for months as part of this tax and financial investigation, and prosecutors will raise these charges,” said Duncan Levin, a lawyer at Jen Weisselberg, on Wednesday. We have provided a great deal of evidence to make it possible. ” “We are happy to hear that DA’s office is proceeding with a criminal procedure.”

Allen Weisselberg has been working for the Trump organization since 1973. The proceedings against him could give prosecutors a way to pressure executives to work together to convey what they know about Trump’s commerce.

Prosecutors have summoned another longtime Trump Treasury Executive, Senior Vice President and Controller Jeffrey McConnie, Testify in front of a grand jury in the spring. Under New York law, grand jury witnesses are exempt and cannot claim the acts they testify.

We also see prosecutors investigating tax-exempt profits on Trump executives Matthew Calamari, Former Trump Bodyguard has become Chief Operating Officer and his son, Corporate Director of Security for the company. However, Calamaris lawyers said Wednesday they did not expect them to be prosecuted.

“The DA investigation is clearly underway, but I don’t think we will be prosecuted against either client at this time,” said lawyer Nicholas Gravante.


Associated Press author Jill Corbin of Weslaco, Texas and Bernard Condon of New York contributed to this report.


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Expected Thursday Fees for Trump Company, Top Executives | Business

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