Facebook India Appoints Former IAS Officer Rajiv Aggarwal as Head of Public Policy

Facebook India said Monday it appointed a former IAS officer and a former IAS officer Uber Executive Rajiv Aggarwal as Director of Public Policy. He is the successor to Anki Das, who resigned last October. She was involved in a controversy against the enforcement of hate speech rules for domestic right-wing leaders. According to the statement, Aggarwal will define and lead Facebook’s key policy development initiatives in India in this role with an agenda covering user safety, data protection and privacy, inclusion and internet governance.

In this position, Aggarwal will report to Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of. Facebook He added that he would be part of India, and of India’s leadership team. His last mission was Uber, who was responsible for public policy in India and South Asia, the statement said. Aggarwal has 26 years of experience as an Indian Administrative Officer (IAS) and has worked as a Justice of the Peace in nine districts of Uttar Pradesh.

During his tenure as an administrative officer, he led India’s first national policy on intellectual property rights (IPR) as a co-secretary to the Department of Industry and Domestic Trade Promotion (M / o Commerce) and was instrumental in digital transformation. In addition to being India’s leading negotiator on IPR with other countries, he added that he is closely associated with the bilateral trade forum between India and the United States, according to a statement. rice field.

At the time of booking Agit Mohan Facebook said India is an ally of exciting economic and social change witnessed, with digital playing a central role.

“We recognize that we are deeply immersed in the structure of India and have the opportunity to help build a more comprehensive and secure Internet that benefits everyone in India. Rajiv is in public policy. We are excited to join us to lead the team. With his expertise and experience, Rajiv is our mission to build a secure, transparent, accountable and empowered community. We recognize that all of this is our responsibility, “Mohan added.

Aggarwal’s appointment takes place after a series of senior and leadership hires in recent months across marketing, partnerships, communications, and other major industries, demonstrating the company’s expanding charter and commitment to India.

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Facebook India Appoints Former IAS Officer Rajiv Aggarwal as Head of Public Policy

Source link Facebook India Appoints Former IAS Officer Rajiv Aggarwal as Head of Public Policy

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