Fair Map Group Holds People’s Constituency Change Hearing at Ohio Statehouse

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  • Ohio Speaker of the House Bob Cupp, R-Lima, co-chair of the Ohio Subdivision Commission, represents the “duck district” of Gerrymandering, a region bordering 14 counties.

Columbus, Ohio — Ohio is in high demand for a fair map and transparent parliamentary repartitioning process.

With the October 31 deadline approaching, supporters said last week outside the State Capitol, “People’s Subdivision Hearing,” as the Ohio Subdivision Commission has not yet scheduled a public meeting on future parliamentary maps. Meeting and rally ”was held.

Ray Greene, Jr., Executive Director of Freedom BLOC (Black Led Organizing Collaborative). The minister argued that the current district boundaries do not provide a fair representation.

“Government is run by the people, and the only way people run the government is to get involved with the government,” Green argued. “We need to have grassroots leadership. We need to have our issues at the forefront of everyone’s agenda. We have elected officials of ours. We must demand that we do our best to do so. ”

Democrats on the committee have called for a hearing, and Republican Speaker of the House Bob Cupp said “probably in the near future.” There are 15 parliamentary districts on the map as Ohio lost its census seat.

Tala Dahbour, head of policy for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Ohio, has provided a fair map to ensure that the voice of the minority is empowered and part of the political process. He said he was fighting for it. She added that she had been deprived of minority groups for too long.

“The largest mosque in central Ohio is divided into multiple parliamentary and state districts,” said Durber. “Therefore, the collective action taken from the Islamic community is diluted. Whatever power their voices have, they are now weakened by constituency changes.”

Meanwhile, the Ohio Subdivision Commission approved a map of the state’s district last month, with opponents claiming to consolidate a majority of Republicans at the General Assembly.

Green believes that the black and Muslim community will pay the price.

“We are further left out of the decision-making process,” Green emphasized. “I haven’t seen the map of Congress yet, but the map of the State Capitol is more gentrified than before, so these maps created at the state level need to be considered illegal. there is. “”

The state’s new constituency change process passed without bipartisan support and will require a redraw of the map within four years. Members of the Republican Commission claim that the map is fair and legal, but three proceedings alleging unconstitutionality are pending.

Fair Map Group Holds People’s Constituency Change Hearing at Ohio Statehouse

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