Family sues Disney Cruise Line for assaulting daughter

A Vermont family sued Disney Cruise Line after saying that a three-year-old child had been assaulted at a ship’s day care center.

Cape Canaveral, Florida — A family has filed a lawsuit against Disney Cruise Line, and a 3-year-old daughter is sexually sexually active in an older child in a ship’s day care center due to staff shortages and inadequate employee training. He said he had been beaten.

Employees working at Disney Fantasy daycare centers did not notify them of the assault during their January 2020 trip, and were properly trained to work with their children, according to a lawsuit filed in a federal court in Orlando last month. Or I didn’t have a license.

Disney Cruise Line spokesperson Cynthia Martinez Said Orlando Sentinel said the family’s claim was “no merit at all.”

“Plaintiffs’ first motion was reported to the FBI, and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office investigated them and found them unfounded,” Martinez said in a statement. “Plaintiffs are now back with another similarly unfounded story that another young woman’s child behaved improperly against her child. We proactively filed the proceedings in court. I will defend you. “

The $ 20 million lawsuit argues that to reduce the risk of sexual abuse, employees should divide their children by age group and employees should put their children in a nursery for young children. doing. Michael Winkelman, a Vermont family lawyer, said the child accused of improperly touching the girl was not identified as a family member.

“It’s easy to say that this is the worst nightmare for parents,” Winkleman told Orlando Sentinel. “They went on a Disney cruise. They basically put their kids in Disney day care. This is about the last thing they would imagine.”

Family sues Disney Cruise Line for assaulting daughter

Source link Family sues Disney Cruise Line for assaulting daughter

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