FBI Encourages Hate Crimes Reporting | Local News

According to a June 30 news release, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is working on a national effort to raise public awareness of hate crimes and encourage reporting to law enforcement agencies.

“Hate crimes are a top priority for the FBI’s civil rights program because they have a devastating impact on families and communities,” said the news release. “Hate crimes are not just an attack on victims, they are intended to intimidate and intimidate the entire community.”

The FBI is the leading investigative body for criminal violations of federal civil rights law. According to the release, in many of these cases, the agency works closely with local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement partners, even if federal accusations are not being pursued.

The FBI is also committed to detecting and preventing incidents through law enforcement training, public support, and partnerships with community groups.

“Hate crimes are a top priority of the FBI’s civil rights program because these types of crimes have a devastating impact on the community. One act can terrorize the entire community and groups of people. It’s possible, “said Jeffrey Salet, Deputy Director of the FBI Associate, in the release. “There is no place of hatred or intolerance in this country. We at the FBI use all the tools we have at our disposal to fulfill our mission to reduce the threat of hate crimes and protect all Americans. I am ready.”

The FBI describes hate crimes as “criminal offenses against persons or property wholly or partially motivated by criminal prejudices against race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” Is defined as.

The FBI, according to the release, works to protect all victims of crime, regardless of country of origin or immigration status.

After a criminal report is filed, the FBI works with law enforcement partners to use its resources and expertise to determine if a case meets criminal standards.

Hate crime victims are advised to call the 1-800-CALL-FBI or submit a tip at the following URL to report to the FBI. Tips.fbi.gov.. According to the release, Tarekomi may remain anonymous.

FBI Encourages Hate Crimes Reporting | Local News

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