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FDA Allows “Mix and Match” COVID Vaccine Booster Program: Report

This move means that people can get booster immunity with a different vaccine than the one originally vaccinated, if needed.

The Food and Drug Administration has people this week COVID-19 vaccine According to reports, booster shots with vaccines from manufacturers different from the original dose New York Times, Washington post When The Wall Street Journal.. The announcement may come as early as Wednesday.

The post cites two federal officials and reports that it will be part of the FDA’s booster approval for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. A booster dose of Pfizer’s vaccine was launched last month for people at high risk for COVID-19.

If the FDA approves the booster, the process will move to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday, with its own recommendations, according to The Times.

The Times, which first reported the “Mix and Match” announcement, did not expect the FDA to prioritize one vaccine over another, but encouraged people to use the original vaccine if possible. He said he might recommend it.

However, it will give vaccine providers some freedom to offer different brands, which state health officials have reportedly sought in recent weeks.

Preliminary results from ongoing studies of different methods of “mixing and matching” different shots show that boosters of all kinds increase the level of antibodies that fight the virus in people for at least a few weeks. I did. And the most dramatic jump came from giving Pfizer or Moderna shots after a single dose of J & J vaccination.

Both Times and Post report that studies considering a “mix-and-match” approach were small and followed short-term.

The government continues to provide strong protection against hospitalization and death from COVID-19, with all three U.S. vaccines first among the 66 million eligible and unvaccinated Americans at greatest risk. It states that giving an injection of is a priority. However, the country is moving towards a broader booster campaign due to the spread of highly contagious delta mutants and signs of weakened immunity to mild infections.

Last month, Pfizer Booster began to be offered to older and young adults at high risk for COVID-19 due to poor health, work, or living conditions at least 6 months after the first vaccination. On Thursday, the FDA Advisory Board recommended the same approach for half-dose Moderna boosters.

J & J vaccines have consistently shown low levels of efficacy throughout a series of studies. The FDA’s committee finally decided on another vaccination for recipients over the age of 18 at least two months after the first vaccination. Then last Friday, the J & J booster was approved.

The majority of the 188 million Americans who have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 receive the Pfizer or Moderna option, but only about 15 million J & J recipients.

FDA Allows “Mix and Match” COVID Vaccine Booster Program: Report

Source link FDA Allows “Mix and Match” COVID Vaccine Booster Program: Report

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