Feeding Hungry People From Ohio to Yemen: William Lambers

Cincinnati-Recently, I talked to a student at Case Western Reserve University who is dedicated to fighting hunger. The students spent a day helping distribute the Greater Cleveland Food Bank pack box.

Part of that same week, student Kids for hanger clubsAlso raised funds for the United Nations World Food Program through a Freerice University match. Free Rice WFP Funding Online Trivia Quiz Game.. Case Western won the match and defeated the University of Illinois and other schools.

Students have the right idea that they are not only feeding hungry people at home, but are also aware of food emergencies abroad. There can be no peace in a hungry world.

In Yemen, devastated by the war where people are starving, there are urgent emergencies that require our attention. The civil war between Saudi-led coalitions against the Houthi rebels has increased hunger in poor countries. The basic food rations that seem to be taken for granted here have completely collapsed during the war in Yemen. As a result, people lose access to food.

David Beasley, Director of the World Food Program, warns: Watching 16 million people literally marching towards hungerIn Yemen. WFP is leading a hunger relief mission in Yemen. The need for funding is enormous, and many need life-saving food.

Just as we increased donations to feed hungry people after World War II in the United States, we still need to increase donations dramatically to help Yemen and other countries. When donations are cut off, the food pipeline on which millions of people depend will eventually be cut off. Tragically, it’s happening again.

WFP representative Annabel Simington told me that food shortages and without new donations, cuts are imminent. Simington explains: “The initial cuts will affect 4.8 million people, and that number is expected to increase in the coming months. It will take $ 977 million to maintain current levels of support over the next six months. is.”

Imagine a Yemeni family evacuated in the war running out of food due to lack of food left in relief agencies. It will be another devastating blow to families already upset by the trauma of war. Yemeni babies have died of malnutrition, and food from charities is the only hope for survival in the war zone.

WFP has a school lunch program for Yemeni children that provides a faint meal and education of hope in volatile countries. The program will also face reductions without sufficient donations. Until the end of the Yemeni war, we need to maintain a well-funded food pipeline.This food aid needs to be prioritized Selling weapons to Yemeni combatants.. We must hold leaders responsible for taking the diplomatic actions necessary to end the Yemeni civil war, including stopping the sale of weapons that enabled the war.

Damage caused by a conflict in the Argamaria district of Taizz City, Yemen, on February 10, 2020. After a fierce battle in 2019, families have begun to return to the area. WFP plans to support 1.8 million people across Taizz Governorate and expand its support. To support returning families in Tides. Photo: WFP / Ammar Bamatraf

© WFP / Ammar Bamatraf

Save the Children reports that fighting is intensifying in Yemen with children as victims. Xavier Jubert, Director of Save the Children Country, Yemen, said:Many have seen loved ones die in front of them.. This is a tragic reality for millions of children trying to overcome the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. “

You can raise money to feed Yemen and donate it to WFP, Save the Children, the Catholic Relief Services, UNICEF, Care and other charities. You can also educate and encourage others to do the same. America must represent a country of peacebuilders and humanitarians. As President Abraham Lincoln once said, “To anyone with malicious intentCharity to everyone. “

William Lambers

William Lambers is a Cincinnati writer who frequently writes about world hunger.

Even if Yemen’s hungry people are thousands of miles away, their plight cannot be ignored. As citizens, each of us can do something to bring food and peace to Yemen.

William Lambers is a Cincinnati-based writer who partnered with the World Food Program in the 2009 book World Food Program.End World Hunger: School Lunch for Children Around the World.. “

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Feeding Hungry People From Ohio to Yemen: William Lambers

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