Fernview is a plan for a spacious and economical one-story house

Eugene, me. – An open and cozy, Fernview front porch straddles the front facade of this contemporary ranch-style house. The slender post is an elegant accent.

Having a basically rectangular footprint makes this house economical to build, heat and maintain. For young families, this is a great starter home. With Empty Nest Syndrome, you can reduce maintenance chores and costs without reducing your lifestyle. You may have three bedrooms, two bedrooms and a study / home office.

Light spills into the arched entrance through a row of windows near the side lights and the top of the door. There is a court closet on the left side just before the entrance hall tilts in that direction. Double doors lead to bright rooms such as bedrooms, home offices and dens.

Go left and step into the kitchen. Go straight through the bedroom and bathroom on the right and then move to a wonderful arched room. Linen and towel closets are tucked between the alcove there.

Light shines through the magnificent arched rooms through the wide windows that occupy most of the back wall and the narrow windows adjacent to the fireplace. The sliding glass doors in the dining area face a large patio.

You can stand in the kitchen sink and overlook the elevated dining bar to see the wonderful rooms, the patio, and enjoy the changing seasons outside. All appliances are built in and a spacious walk-in pantry fills the corner. Washing machines are stacked around the corner of the Fernview pass-through utility room, which provides access to the garage.

The owner’s suite is surprisingly luxurious for a home of this size, boasting a spa tub, oversized shower and dual love.

Fern View 30-766 was created by a talented team of home designers from Associated Designs, Inc. For more information on this design, please visit

Fernview is a plan for a spacious and economical one-story house

Source link Fernview is a plan for a spacious and economical one-story house

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