Film and TV crew strike nationwide on Monday if contract is not signed

This is the first national strike in IATSE history and its members include cinematographers, camera operators, performing arts and carpenters.

Los Angeles — A union representing film and television crews said 60,000 union members would launch a national strike on Monday if a deal that meets the requirements of fair and safe working conditions is not reached.

Strikes will bring a stop It extends to filming a wide range of films and television shows, and has influenced filming in Georgia, New Mexico, and other North America, far beyond Hollywood.

International President Matthew Loeb of the International Film Theater Trade Union said Wednesday that the strike would begin at 12:01 am on Monday, unless an agreement was reached on break and meal periods and the minimum wage workers would be paid. ..

Loeb quoted that there was no urgency in the pace of negotiations to set a strike date.

“Without the end date, we could continue talking forever,” Loeb said in a statement. “Our members are worth addressing their basic needs right now.”

The strike will be a serious setback for the industry, which recently returned to work after a long pandemic shutdown and repeated aftershocks in a new outbreak.

This is the first national strike in IATSE’s 128-year history, including cinematographers, camera operators, set designers, carpenters, hair and makeup artists, and animators.

Union members state that they are forced to work excessively and are not given reasonable rest by meal breaks or ample vacation between shifts. Leaders say that minimum-wage crafts earn unlivable wages. Streamers such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon can also pay even less with previous contracts that allowed them to be more flexible when they were up-and-coming.

The union reported on October 4 that its members voted overwhelmingly. Allowing the president to approve the strike, negotiations resumed after the vote, hoping to avoid the strike.

In the negotiations, an alliance of film and television producers representing studios and other entertainment companies said their members valued their crew and promised to avoid closing the still-recovering industry.

Film and TV crew strike nationwide on Monday if contract is not signed

Source link Film and TV crew strike nationwide on Monday if contract is not signed

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