First inning home run, Plesac pitching beats Indians to Orioles

Baltimore — If the Cleveland Guardians batter continues to do this, it will ruin Zach Plesac.

Plesac experienced some of the lowest run support in the Big League in the first nine starts of the season. Imagine how Andres Jimenez felt when he hit a three-run homer against Baltimore in the Camden Yard on Sunday’s first inning.

It would have been nice if the Guardian had added a few more runs, but at this point Pressac takes what he can get. That’s exactly what he did when the Guardians defeated the Orioles 3-2 to win their first series in Baltimore since 2018.

Guimenez became the first player to reach Uto Street behind the right wing of Camdenyard on a home run this season. His home on Sunday did not reach the street, but was still counted.

He barely cleared the right-wing scoreboard, which gave Pressac and the Guardian the only run they could get all afternoon. It had to feel like Christmas in June for Plesac, who received an average of 2.74 support per game in the first nine starts.

“It’s definitely huge to lead the mound,” Pressac said.

Plesac retired the Orioles with eight balls at a time. He only needed 12 to pass the second. Homer of Guimenez was a gift that he continued to give.

The Orioles started right-handed Dean Kremer (0-1, 6.23) on Sunday. They activated him from the injured list before the match for the first start of the season.

He started the game by hitting Myles Straw, but Amed Rosario became a single and Owen Miller drew a two-out walk. Guimenez changed Clemmer’s 1-1 pitch to his seventh home run of the season. Six of those homers came to the road.

Homer has extended his career’s best Guimenez hits to eight games in a row.

“I really like this ballpark,” said Guimenez through interpreter Agustin Libero. “I have a lot of good memories here. I hit my first major home run in Mets in 2020, but most importantly, I was able to help the team win.”

The Orioles finished 4th in 3-2 with a two-run home run on Ryan Mountcastle. Plesac found the problem again for the fifth time when Rougned Odor broke the shift by a third and Ryan McKenna doubled to start the innings.

Plesac repelled by defeating Jorge Mateo and Austin Hays. The inning was over when Trey Mancini lined up to the left on a 3-2 fastball. Plesac followed in 5th place and retired from the side to end his afternoon in 6th place.

“When he took the test for the fifth time, he came back and got a fastball we had never seen,” said manager Terry Francona. “But he wasn’t just throwing, he was commanding and competing. I know it’s in his head, so I thought it would bring him a good world. increase.”

Plesac hit 93 mph against Mateo and Hayes. In a duel with Mancini, he flirted at 94 mph and 95 mph.

“They are big moments,” said Pressac. “I had to step up and make some pitches … (catcher) Luke Maile made some great pitch calls, and I was able to run and get out of it. “

In six innings, Plesac (2-4, 4.72) hit the best eight batters of the season without a walk, allowing two runs on 99 pitches. It was his first victory with the White Sox since April 21st. He also redeemed his only other start against Baltimore, losing 13-0 on June 29, 2019.

The fifth Plesac escape was not the last example of G’s clutch pitching.

Eli Morgan saved Sam Hentges on 7th base and won 1st and runners on 1st and 2nd bases. He retired the pinch hitter Cedric Mullins in third place in foul pop and Hayes in second place in pop. Morgan retired three of the four batters he faced and threw a scoreless eighth.

“Someone asked me about Eli in spring training, and I said he might be a weapon for us,” Francona said. “And that became his weapon.”

Emanuel Klaas threw a ninth save with 11 chances and a ninth save with a second save in the series. The double play of 4-5-3 helped keep the Orioles away. José Ramirez, who turned from third base to shortstop, became the cornerstone of the play.

“No. 1, we are changing it with third baseman, and many can’t do that, but Josie can,” Francona said. “Owen (Miller) made a really good choice at first. If the ball passed, one would come out and the second would be a runner … it was really a clutch.”

The Guardians won 3-1 in June in five of the last six games and one in the break-even point of 24-25. They won six of the last seven games against the Orioles.

Cleveland Guardians’ Amed Rosario returns to first base on Sunday, June 5, 2022, during eight innings of a baseball game in Baltimore, when Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Bryan Baker attempts a pick-off. I did. (AP photo / Terans Williams)

Cleveland Guardians’ Amed Rosario returned to first base on Sunday with a pick-off by Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Bryan Baker, who beat Orioles 3-2 in the eighth inning.

Differences in early home runs

First inning home run, Plesac pitching beats Indians to Orioles

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