Flipkart Releases Flipkart Xtra App, Aiming to Create 4,000 Employments This Sale Season

Wal-Mart-owned Flipkart announced on Wednesday that it will introduce another marketplace model, Flipkart Extra, to provide individuals, service agents and technicians with flexible revenue opportunities. Flipkart provides a simple and seamless onboarding experience for interested individuals through the Flipkart Xtra app on the Google Play Store. According to the statement, after background checks, individuals will be able to participate in a variety of roles, initially delivery executives, service partners and technicians within the next few months.

The new platform will help strengthen Flipkart’s supply chain to provide consumers across India with seamless and fast shipping and service, while at the same time providing individuals with part-time opportunities. Prior to the holiday season and the company’s Big Billion Days, the launch will offer thousands of individuals, technicians and service agencies across the country additional jobs and revenue opportunities as distribution partners, the statement said. Useful for. Flipkart aims to have 4,000 part-time associates on board through Flipkart Xtra throughout the holiday season through December 2021.

As an organization dedicated to creating value for all stakeholders, including sellers, craftsmen, MSMEs, Kiranas and customers, we are constantly expanding our partnerships and equitably distributing the benefits of e-commerce. increase. “The service marketplace provides individuals, local stores and even service technicians with flexible revenue opportunities,” said Hemant Badri, senior vice president and supply chain manager at Flipkart. He added a source of income while contributing to the country’s economic recovery.

According to a report from BCG, the Gig economy will serve up to 90 million jobs in India’s non-agricultural economy alone, handle over US $ 250 billion in workloads and 1.25% of India’s GDP. May result in an increment of. In the long run.

In another statement, Flipkart Group company Myntra said it has expanded its Kirana Network to 25,000 stores and employs 11,000 people for last mile delivery and customer support for the holiday season. The fashion e-commerce platform said it is preparing for the next festival period and the “Big Fashion Festival” by expanding the recruitment of ground staff. “With a robust supply chain consisting primarily of nearby Kirana store owners, MENSA (Myntra Extended Network for Service Augmentation) partners and a unique distribution center, Myntra delivers products and enjoyable experiences to millions of shoppers. We are poised to do so, creating seasonal employment opportunities across the country, “Mintra said in a statement.

Of the total last mile recruitment, about 7,500 are for the Kirana network, and about 1,000 will be held at the Myntra Delivery Center (DC), which is dispersed throughout the country. Closed roles include DC Assistant, DC Support Staff, and Delivery Staff positions. Most of the hiring, including diversity, takes place in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune and Lucknow. In addition, the statement states that approximately 2,700 people are being employed to enhance the capabilities of the contact center to manage and assist customer inquiries during the holiday season. “It is expected that more than 70% of deliveries will be made by these specially trained Kirana partners this holiday season. Myntra has expanded its Kirana Store network by about 30% from its previous celebration, and the Kirana Store’s We plan to increase the total number to over 25,000. “

E-commerce companies see most of their business coming in during festive sales and invest heavily in advance to increase capacity and deal with surges in orders while ensuring a smooth experience for shoppers. Add features that you can. seller. This is the biggest employment drive ever in Myntra, as strong demand is expected across the pin code and people are eagerly looking forward to shopping in Myntra for festive needs. Ground and customer support during any festive season. “Executive officer Amar Nagaram said.

Since the majority of recruitment is done to enhance the capabilities of last mile delivery, Kirana store partners make up the majority of employment, bringing the total number of store partners to 25,000. This is about 30% more than last year. -He added to accommodate about 70% of deliveries.

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Flipkart Releases Flipkart Xtra App, Aiming to Create 4,000 Employments This Sale Season

Source link Flipkart Releases Flipkart Xtra App, Aiming to Create 4,000 Employments This Sale Season

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