Fluid Autumn Movie Season (Like Everything else)

New York — Filmmaker Cary Joji Fukunaga has been waiting for more than a year and a half for his career’s biggest film, James Bond’s film No Time to Die, to arrive in theaters. rice field. It was a strange and surreal wait. Billie Eilish’s movie theme song has already won a Grammy Award a few months before the significantly delayed movie was released on October 8.

“I had a dream that Sam Mendes was there last night,” Fukunaga said in a recent interview, referring to the directors of the two previous Bond films. “We were on vacation in a frozen lake. He ended up with a Bond movie. And he said,” Oh, you’re done. Now you’re taking a break. “And then frozen. I started water skiing at the lake. “

“It was a strange dream,” says Fukunaga.

The fall movie season — usually reliable rhythms and soothing fall comfort — is a bit confusing this year, as much of the last 18 months. Along the way, there are “007 / No Time to Die” scheduled to be released until April 2020, a summer movie aimed at better autumn conditions, and a pandemic filmed and edited movie.

Combined is the movie Mish Mash. It’s a lot more robust than last fall’s cobblestones, and it’s mostly a virtual fall movie season. This season lasted until Oscar in April. However, the recent increase in COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant adds new uncertainty to the times when Hollywood once wanted to approach normal.

Tom Rothman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Pictures, said: “This is the exact opposite of the previous method. In the olden days you flagged and didn’t move because of hell or high water. Now there’s a big premium to being very flexible and agile. . “

The unpredictability of the situation is universally shared, but I strongly feel that studios like Sony continue to focus on exclusive theater releases, even in the event of a pandemic. Disney (with Disney +) and Warner Bros. (with HBO Max) have aimed to hedge their bets and increase subscribers to streaming services with the 2021 date and date release, but Sony, Universal, Paramount, MGM (Bond’s home) — using different windowing strategies — most stick to theater-first plans.

“The Last Duel” (October 15), “Dunes” (October 22), “Eternals” (November 5), “House of Gucci” in all films released this fall Gucci “(November 24th) and so on. Nothing may be more tense than the old-fashioned drama about watching a movie in the ass. Citing the Delta-led surge, Paramount has taken root from the season and launched Top Gun: Maverick next year. However, following some promising box office results, many of the fall’s top film and major Oscar aspirants have only doubled the theater and its associated cultural impact. Even if it’s gambling.

“We have a lot of stock. We don’t want to keep pushing every movie,” says Rothman. “At some point you have to go.”

After gaining confidence in watching movies during the summer, Delta took some of Hollywood’s momentum. The National Research Group records that more than 80% of movie fans were able to comfortably go to the theater in July. However, that number fell to 67% last month.

However, Marvel’s “Legend of Xiangqi and Tenling,” the last blockbuster movie of the summer, made a big rise in the fall with an estimated $ 90 million ticket sales over the four-day Labor Day weekend. This is a pandemic. In particular, it was only played in theaters.

Even before all the numbers came out, Rothman and Sony pushed ahead with the release of the $ 856 million superhero hit sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, in the two weeks leading up to October 1. rice field. This launches Sony’s slate, including Jason Reitman. “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” (November 19th), Denzel Washington’s “Jordan’s Journal” (December 10th), “Spider-Man: Noway Home” (December 17th).

No studio is making a bigger bet on cinemas this fall than Sony. The studio doesn’t have a major streaming platform, but it has lucrative agreements with Netflix and Disney to stream movies after theatrical release. Discuss the disappointing consequences of everyday films like Warner Bros. Pictures. In contrast to “The Suicide Squad” and theatrical first hits like Disney’s “Free Guy,” Rothman recently explained, “It’s a window, it’s ridiculous.”

“Without the windowed universe, there is no economic model for achieving a break-even point on the asset itself. Don’t worry about making a profit. It doesn’t exist,” says Rothman.

The debate-which movie will be held when and where-will remain unresolved in the coming months, and perhaps far beyond. Warner Bros. has promised to return to theatrical release for 45 days next year. But this fall, including the movie calendar, is uncertain.

“I don’t think we can predict what the future of the film will be until the pandemic is really behind us,” says Rothman. “Currently, we are still in an emergency.”

So Hollywood summer extends to limbo. But there are more movies lined up than at any point in the pandemic so far. The Venice and Telluride Film Festival will be a hot topic in a variety of upcoming films, including Jane Campion’s acclaimed Netflix drama The Power of the Dog (November 17) and Benedict Cumberbatch. increase. The Oscar race may also have some major star powers. Some of the early masterpieces were Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in “Spencer” (November 5) and Will Smith as the father of Venus and Serena in “King Richard” (November 19). I have Smith.

In The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Jessica Chastain transforms into a notorious evangelist. Searchlight Pictures will be released in theaters on September 17th.

“We like that collaborative experience, especially after a year and a half of starvation. That doesn’t mean there’s no streaming, says Chastain, who also appears in HBO’s miniseries“ Scenes from a Marriage. ” “In my opinion, the industry is expanding.”

From the top left, this combination of images is “No time to die”, “The Last Duel”, “Many Saints of New Ark”, “House of Gucci”, “Dunes”, “French” Shows the promotional art for upcoming movies. Dispatch, left-to-bottom line, Tammy Fay’s Eyes, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Guilty, Dia Evan Hansen, Venom: Let There Bee Carnage, King Richard.

Fluid Autumn Movie Season (Like Everything else)

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