For twins, the police work a badge of honor

LIMA — Law enforcement is practiced in many families, but Mortimer takes it to another level.

The same twins, Zachary and Jacob, serve on the board. The former are his brothers at the Allen County Sheriff’s Office and the Lima Police.

In addition, Jacob is currently wearing Badge No. 37. It was once worn by his late grandfather Dennis Meyer Senior, who worked at LPD. Major Jim Bakker surprised Brother Mortimer and his mother Teresa at Jacob’s oath ceremony on January 12. He was awarded a recycled badge of honor.

“I can say I certainly didn’t expect to receive it,” Jacob said. “It’s a great honor to have it. I want to support its weight as much as he does.”

Denny Meyer Jr. carefully helped Baker in time for the formal procedure on January 12.

Zachary, sworn in at the sheriff’s office on December 22, claimed that Jacob was “cool” as the recipient.

“I quickly realized that Grandpa was a respected officer,” Zachary said of Meyer. “I think it’s wonderful.”

Their mom Teresa was overwhelmed by Baker’s thoughtful gestures.

“I couldn’t believe anyone exceeded that length,” Teresa said, adding that she barked during Jacob’s ceremony. “I couldn’t be proud of my sons.”

Maier Sr. retired from LPD in 1981, but returned to the sheriff’s office around 2002.

The twins began their careers at the Cridersville Police Station before going on different paths. “We arrived at the sheriff’s office (in Allen County), and that’s exactly how it worked,” Zachary said.

Law enforcement is not the only thing that 21-year-old brothers have in common. Theresa said her sons both have Crohn’s disease, which affects the gastrointestinal tract.

“They couldn’t serve in the army because of it,” she explained. “My boy has experienced a lot.”

Zachary Mortimer on the left works at the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, and his twin Jacob works for the Lima Police.

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For twins, the police work a badge of honor

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