Forty-six migrants were found dead in an abandoned tractor trailer in San Antonio

The San Antonio Fire Department said all deaths were due to heat-related illnesses, including heat stroke and fatigue.

San Antonio — Officials confirmed that 46 migrants were found dead behind a tractor trailer abandoned on Monday in southwestern San Antonio. At least 16 people (12 adults and 4 children) were taken to a nearby hospital.

Charles Hood, chief of the San Antonio Fire Department, said all deaths were due to heat-related causes such as heat stroke and fatigue. He said that everything was reportedly behind the tractor trailer, with no visible working A / C units or water.

The discovery went shortly before 6 pm when a nearby worker heard a cry for help from a truck. Quintana Road and Cassin DriveSaid William McMannus, Chief of Police, San Antonio.

He said police arrived and found a body on the ground outside the trailer, with the gate to the trailer partially open.

“We aren’t supposed to open the truck and see a pile of corpses there,” said Hood.

Prime Minister McManus said the three had been detained, but at this time it is unclear if they are “fully involved in this.”

He said the number of victims could increase. They have dogs looking for the forest and will go out again in the morning.

“The plight of migrants seeking evacuation has always been a humanitarian crisis. Tonight we are tackling a horrific human tragedy,” said Mayor of San Antonio Ron Nirenberg.

The trailer is part of an attempt to smuggle immigrants to the United States, and the investigation is led by the US Department of Homeland Security, McManus said.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Authority (ICE) We have released the following statement:

“On June 27, the Ministry of Land Security (HSI) responded to a call from the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) regarding a human smuggling incident involving a tractor trailer on Quintana Road near Kashin Road. Upon arriving at the scene, HSI confirmed. More than 40 dead individuals.

“HSI San Antonio has begun an investigation with the support of SAPD. Details will be released as they become available and criminal investigations are ongoing.

“HSI continues its enforcement efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities. We are facing serious public security threats posed by human smuggling organizations and the health of smuggled people. And continue to deal with their reckless disregard for security. “

See press conferences from Mayor of San Antonio, Fire Chief, and Police Chief below.

The discovery on Monday The worst tragedy Among the thousands who died trying to cross the US border from Mexico in the last few decades. 10 immigrants died in 2017 After being trapped in a truck parked at Wal-Mart in San Antonio. In 2003, 19 immigrants were found on a sultry truck in Victoria.

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Big rigs emerged as a popular smuggling method in the early 1990s amid the surge in US border security between San Diego and El Paso, Texas. These were the busiest corridors of illegal crossings at the time.

Before that, people paid a small fee to moms and pop operators to take them across the mostly defenseless borders. After the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001, immigrants went through more dangerous terrain and paid more than a few thousand dollars as crossing became exponentially difficult.

Heat poses a serious dangerEspecially when the temperature inside the car can rise significantly. The weather in the San Antonio area was mostly cloudy on Monday, but temperatures approached 100 degrees Celsius.

This story will be updated as more details become available. Please check for updates.

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Forty-six migrants were found dead in an abandoned tractor trailer in San Antonio

Source link Forty-six migrants were found dead in an abandoned tractor trailer in San Antonio

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