Four Bengals form PFF’s 2021 Allpro Team

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The 2021 NFL regular season is over, and there are two things to do: the playoffs and the praise of the regular season. With the Bengals surge this season, the team has won both scenarios.

Bengals will host the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday in a wild card game (4:30 pm-Cincinnati Channel 5). Until then, Pro Football Focus had faithfully captivated Who Dey by appointing four Bengals players to the Allpro team.

Quarterback Joe Burrow; Wide Receiver Ja’Marr Chase; Running Back Joe Mixon and Cornerback Chidbe Aussie were all announced to PFF’s 2021 Second Team.


Barrow may be the most interesting player mentioned as he “backs up” Tampa Bay buccaneer quarterback Tom Brady with PFF eyes. Barrow’s strong push towards the end of the season helped him win the second highest quarterback PFF grade (91.7) after Brady’s 92.0.

PFF’s comments on the production of a young quarterback summarize his choices.

“Barrow had to pull a few weeks after the season at his current level of play. Cincinnati sat him down in the 18th week, allowing Brady to return to the top of the PFF grade.”

Barrow beat Brady with a pure passing score. 91.2 and 90.8 respectively. In 16 games, Barrow threw the sixth and eighth 4,611 yards and 34 touchdowns in the league.

Case tracking

One of Barrow’s favorite targets, Chase, flashed in the field, and PFF took notice. The Greenhorn Wideout shows that the NFL rookie and franchise have set a yard record of 1,455 yards. As a result, PFF upgraded Chase to 83.1 overall and came in 9th place.

Chase’s pure receive grade (84) pushed him to 8th place

Chase and former LSU teammate Justin Jefferson were scheduled behind the Los Angeles Rams Cooper Cup and the Green Bay Packers David Adams on the PFF list. Chase is the only wide receiver that represents AFC. His receiving yard and 13 touchdowns are the most common at meetings.

PFF says about Chase:

“His best chase couldn’t be stopped as a rookie. His high-end game was great, and the only thing that prevented him from becoming an allpro on the first team was he Bengals. The 49ers were running seven games that had half-finished production outside the contest. “


Barrow has many weapons that you can use, as you can see in Chase. Mixon is no exception. Mixon was a rough diamond in terms of player talent, but it’s often overlooked. After some great performances, the team posted a 10-7 record, and Mixon is finally getting a lot of attention outside the 513.

In 16 games, Mixon ran 1,205 yards and 13 touchdowns at 292 ranked 3rd, 4th and 3rd respectively this season. All of these statistics are the perfect career for a running back. Proof of the reunion of Mixon and Frank Pollack, an offensive line coach and run game coordinator.

Mixon further strengthened his claim for honor, catching 42 passes with 314 yards and three touchdowns.

The PFF rated a 6-foot-1220-pound running back to 79.5 overall, finishing 7th and rushing to 6th to 82.3. Putting it all together, Mixon’s 2021 resume put him in the slot with Jonathan Taylor of Indianapolis Colts, the recipient of the first team.

Catch 22

The Bengals attack was built by the draft with young players, but the defense was built primarily by free agents. Former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Awuzie, looking for a new start, realized he was in Queen City and has been a star ever since.

To date, No. 22 has recorded 53 solo tackles, 2 intercepts and 14 passes in 14 games.

In terms of PFF grade, Awuzie is the highest grade AFC cornerback and the second highest overall grade at 83.4. Awuzie’s stardom shines brightest in coverage. He is ranked 3rd in the league with an 84.2 grade.

The second team to join Awuzie is Darius Slay of the Philadelphia Eagles. The first team consists of LA Ramjalen Ramsey and the Atlanta Falcons AJ Terrell.

Four Bengals form PFF’s 2021 Allpro Team

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