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Fox reporter Benjamin Hall injured in Ukraine, “Damn Lucky”

Benjamin Hall was seriously injured last month in an attack that killed his colleagues Pierre Zakzevsky and Oleksandra Kvsinova near Kieu.

Reporter Seriously injured Fox News While reporting on the war in Ukraine, he paid tribute to two colleagues killed in the same attack on Thursday. He also revealed the severity of his own injuries, including the loss of his limbs.

Benjamin Hall, who evacuated from Ukraine, posted a photo on social media showing that he was on a hospital stretcher still recovering from the March 14 attack. In the photo he wore his eyepatch.

“In summary, I lost half of one leg and the other,” Hall wrote. “One hand is assembled, one eye isn’t working, my hearing is pretty blown away … but overall, I feel very lucky to be here. And I’m here It was wonderful people who took me! “

Hall was traveling with veteran photographer Pierre Sachzevsky and Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra “Sasha” Kubusinova when the car fired outside Kyiv. Zakrzewski (55 years old) and Kuvshynova (24 years old) were killed.

Hall paid tribute to his fallen colleague.

“It’s been more than three weeks since the attack in Ukraine and I wanted to share everything, but first I need to pay tribute to my colleagues Pierre and Sasha who didn’t succeed that day. With Pierre I traveled the world together. Working was his joy and his joy was contagious. RIP “writes Hall.

According to the network, London-based Zaklzevsky has taken up the fox conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Kuvshynova was a consultant helping Fox’s crew navigate the Kyiv area.

How did Benjamin Hall get out of Ukraine?

Fox news reporter Jennifer Griffin told People magazine How Hall evacuated the country on Tuesday. Griffin said he had contacted Save Our Allies, a group that rescues Americans from war-torn areas.

When it was determined where the hall was taken after the attack and he was okay to travel, Save Our Allies reportedly took him to the Polish border. To do that, the hall had to be kept stable by an ambulance that traveled 12 hours on dangerous terrain and damaged roads in the war zone.

Griffin told People that he was also able to connect with Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. It eventually resulted in US troops meeting the hall at the border and transporting him to Germany for treatment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Fox reporter Benjamin Hall injured in Ukraine, “Damn Lucky”

Source link Fox reporter Benjamin Hall injured in Ukraine, “Damn Lucky”

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