“Foxonthe Fairway” brings laughter to Lima’s Angkor Theater

LIMA — Sarah Glover-Crawford, who has performed and directed shows at the Angkor Theater for the past three years, will be her first opportunity as a producer this year. To make her role more challenging, she also plays the role of Pamela in “Foxonthe Fairway” and plays on stage.

According to Glover-Crawford, the biggest challenge in her new role as a producer was wearing many hats.

“As a producer, I’m responsible for overseeing the production team that manages lighting, set design and construction, props, and costumes, and ensuring that all the elements of the show, including the promotion of the show, are put together,” she said. ..

She said she relied heavily on the expertise of other Encore producers who helped her succeed in this challenging and steep learning curve. She is also grateful to have worked with Jeff Carr, the director of the show, who is widely familiar with the farce at the time.

“Because this play is a homage to the 1930s and 1940s teas, the story is structured like a typical teas of the era. It’s ridiculous, talkative and fun. It’s an art that makes you laugh, “Glover-Crawford said. “Our audience has always loved the farce. Everyone loves going to the theater and laughing, especially during stressful times.”

The “Foxonthe Fairway” will be performed at the Angkor Theater on Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm, both this weekend and the next weekend, at 991 N. Shore Drive in Lima.

Tickets are $ 15 for adults, $ 12 for seniors, $ 10 for students, and $ 8 for children under 10 years old. This is the season finale of the year of production of the Angkor Theater.

“It’s a comedy about two rival country clubs that hold annual tournaments, and there’s a rivalry between the two leaders of the club. One of the clubs loses a star player and is very good at golf. I found Savan outside, but he has all sorts of comedy complications that create the crazy side of the play, “Glover-Crawford said.

The characters include Bingham (played by Brian Emerich), Pamela (Glover Crawford), Dicky (Mark Thomas), Muriel (Stacy Brown), Justin (Wes Allen), and Louise (Abby Delong). included.

“We encourage everyone to come to auditions for the show. You really don’t need any experience. You have to get up on stage and have a lot of fun,” said Glover-Crawford. ..

The show pays homage to longtime Angkor director Christopher Battuff. Butterf originally planned to choose and direct the play, but he died in 2021.

“Chris has been involved in Angkor for decades,” said Glover Crawford. “He had a very strong finger on the pulsation of what makes Lima laugh. He trusts his intuition and tastes and is proud to carry on his legacy by producing his final show. increase.”

The cast of “Foxonthe Fairway” will practice on the Angkor Theater stage. The show starts this Friday, followed by the next weekend, with performances on Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

The characters in “Foxonthe Fairway” include Bingham (played by Brian Emerich), Pamela (Sarah Glover-Crawford), Dicky (Mark Thomas), Muriel (Stacey Brown), and Justin (Wes Allen). ), Louise (Abby Delong) is included.

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“Foxonthe Fairway” brings laughter to Lima’s Angkor Theater

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