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NS Lake County Utilities and Solid Waste District Has signed new contracts with Republic Services for multiple single-stream recycling containers located at Lake County landfills and recycling centers.

The center is located on 2039 Brace Nemes Road in Pain’s Building Township.

A single-stream trash can is similar to a community trash can in the past, said County Commissioner John Hammercheck.

“By putting a trash can in a landfill, we can provide this important service and at the same time monitor pollution, which has a negative impact on our recycling efforts,” he said.

Containers are available free of charge to all residents of Lake County from 7 am to 3:30 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

Department officials have confirmed that the procedure for bringing recyclable items to a recycling center is the same as bringing waste to a landfill.

All vehicles must be inspected and weighed before entering the landfill. Also, all items transported by outdoor trucks or trailers must be secured with tarpaulins.

In addition, all recyclable items should not contain food or liquids, as one dirty item can contaminate the entire truck.

“The three Rs (reduction, reuse and recycling) are key elements of waste reduction,” said John Precnick. “People can play their part in reducing and reusing, but now they can also bring recycling to landfills.”

District coordinator Tim Gourley added that having the option to recycle for everyone in Lake County is important to the general health and safety of the area.

“This partnership continues to strive to provide a clean, safe and cost-effective recycling method,” he said.

Vendor changes increase the variety of items that can be recycled.

Newly accepted products include takeaway plastic containers, bottles and jugs with the plastic symbols Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 engraved on them.

Additional waste includes standard recycled items such as paper brochures, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, phone books, and cardboard boxes, serial boxes, file folders, food boxes, drink cartons / boxes, poster boards. Includes cardboard items such as recycle paper.

“Republic Services frequently empties containers because of the large amount of cardboard, paper, and plastic deposits used for home delivery from residents,” said Girly.

“Not only does this provide important service to many Lake County residents who live in non-recycling apartments and condominiums, but this drop-off location is also easily accessible from (state) Route 2. . “

“The county has a variety of housing options that make it free for everyone to recycle,” added Ron Young.

Residents are asked to refer Republic service For approved and banned items.

Banned items include aerosol cans, aluminum foil, recyclable bags, batteries, ceramics, clothing, computers and electronics, fluorescent tubes, food waste, glass windows and pyrex, hazardous waste, incandescent bulbs, napkins, needles. Includes, mirrors, paint, paper towels, plastic bags (accepted by Giant Eagle, Marc, Meijer, Target, Heinen), shredded paper, stickers / address labels, injectors, tissues, foamed styrol, toxic substance containers, or gardens Waste.

Officials say some banned items are accepted year-round in local retail stores and special collections throughout the county. All other prohibited items must be recycled through another program.

Free Recycling at Lake County Landfill-News-Herald

Source link Free Recycling at Lake County Landfill-News-Herald

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