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Full Strawberry Super Moon 2022: When to see the full moon

The full moon of this month has many names, one of which may be tied to ancient European traditions.

The first Supermoon of this summer is back this week — and it has a sweet name. When the sky is sunnyYou can see the strawberry moon on Tuesday night.

The moon technically reaches the full moon on Tuesday morning, but it looks like a full moon until Wednesday night.

What is a super moon?

The orbit of the moon around the earth is an ellipse, not a perfect circle. A full moon is considered a supermoon when it is within 90% of the perigee closest to the earth.

According to NASAThe nearest supermoon looks “about 17 percent larger and 30 percent brighter” than the farthest and darkest moon of the year. That 17% isn’t really enough to make the moon look significantly larger, but NASA says the supermoon is still a bit brighter than the other full moons.

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The perigee is About 226,000 miles from Earth — Approximately 25,000 miles from the farthest point of the moon.

Although commonly used to describe the closest full moon, “supermoon” is not an official astronomical term. In fact, it was created by an astrologer in 1979.

When is the 2022 Super Moon?

Only three or four supermoons occur in a row each year. After Tuesday, the next Supermoon in 2022 will rise on Wednesday, July 13.

Perigees vary from orbit to orbit, and not all publications agree on which satellites count as supermoons. NASA says The full moons in June and July are definitely considered supermoons. The Old Farmers Almanac The last Supermoon of the year states that it will rise on August 11, but other publications may not count it as within 90% of the perigee.

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Many name months

Each full moon has a series of nicknames related to the season in which they are popularized by the peasant yearbook.

According to NASA, such Almanacs attributed June’s “Strawberry Moon” to what is now the Algonquian tribe of the northeastern United States. This name represents the short season of strawberries in the area.

According to NASA, this month’s full moon has another “sweet” name, Mead or Honey Moon, derived from an old European tradition. Mead is a fermented beverage made from honey, the name of which may be derived from the summer honey harvest.

“The tradition of calling the first month of marriage a” honeymoon “may lead to this full moon, either because of the custom of getting married in June, or because the” honeymoon “is the” sweetest “month of the year. there is. ” The NASA website says.

Full Strawberry Super Moon 2022: When to see the full moon

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