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Funeral begins for victims of shooting at Yuvarde’s school

In the next two and a half weeks of traumatic weeks, people in southwest Texas will say goodbye to the children and their teachers who were killed at Robb Elementary School.

Uvalde, Texas — A week after the shooters encountered an elementary school in Texas and started shooting, the first funeral of 21 funerals began on Tuesday. Meanwhile, at least one family has not yet seen the body of their loved one.

Hundreds of mourners went to Mass in the afternoon to remember Amelie Joe Garza. Six casket attendants, wearing white shirts and gloves, carried a small casket to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church turned back several mourners after reaching capacity. Maite Rodriguez’s funeral was scheduled for late Tuesday at one of the funeral halls. Uvalde, Texas..

Two 10 year old 4th graders were inside 19 children and 2 teachers 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was killed when he rushed into the classroom on May 24 and began firing military rifles. One of the teachers, 48-year-old Irma Garcia, also visited on Tuesday, with children Nevaeh Bravo and Jose Flores Jr.

Amerie loves purple, and her husband and two children, Erica Santiago, wore a purple shirt decorated with images of Amerie’s funeral victims. Santiago described Amelie as “a lovely girl who laughed a lot” and she described her as “she is very humble and charismatic, but vibrant.”

According to Santiago, her 10-year-old son, Adriel, was horrified to watch when the first image was released in the post-shoot news. He recognized his friends Amerie and Mate.

“It had a big impact on him. He told me he didn’t want to go to school for fear of it happening. He told me,” Mom, I just think it’s safe. do not have”.

The funeral will continue for the next two and a half weeks. Leila, the 11-year-old daughter of Vincent Salazar, is having her final scheduled worship service. Her visit will be on June 15th and her funeral will take place the next day. According to Salazar, her family will not see Leila’s body until just before her visit.

“It’s strange because these things usually happen in three or four days when someone dies,” Salazar said. “It won’t last this long. I know I had other kids, but I’m waiting for her to come back. That’s all we’re focusing on.”

Uvalde County Peace Judge Eurario “Laro” Diaz Jr. said the bodies of all 21 victims were sent to the San Antonio coroner’s office for autopsy. He said this was the standard for serious crimes.

“Our purpose is to keep track of all the facts,” says Diaz. “There is a dead archer and probably no trial, but we still need to know the facts.”

Diaz said the autopsy was complete. He refused to discuss preliminary results and said the final report would take three to four months.

Meanwhile, according to Diaz, the two funeral homes in Yuvalde do not have enough space to store all the bodies, so many funeral homes will be sent to funeral homes outside the town until service is near. Was done. He said he was working on a time when the Yuvarde funeral home could see the bodies with his family. The message left at the Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Hall was not returned immediately. The woman who answered the phone at Rushing-Estes-Knowles Mortuary declined her request for an interview.

“It’s mainly due to the number of victims,” ​​Diaz asked. “Where do you store those many people?”

Vincent Salazar said he and his family would go on as many visits as possible to pay homage to other victims and their families.

“We do things here hourly and daily, so we don’t necessarily have to go to the funeral,” Salazar said. “We’re doing a lot of things ourselves. We need to set up everything, including obituaries, death certificates, funeral arrangements, and more.

“That’s all we’re focusing on right now. We can get her back and let her rest,” Salazar said of Leila. “that’s it.”

Investigators continue to seek answers about Police response For shooting, and the United States Ministry of Justice We are considering law enforcement measures.

Even if the outside parents rushed to the police and panicked a child called 911 from the inside, the responsibility for the tremendous delay in the killing of the shooter rested with the local police chief of the school district. rice field. Pete AledondoAfter the state police chief said that Aledondo had made a “wrong decision” not to break the classroom, the shooters were trapped inside and believed that the children were not at risk.

Stephen McLaugh, head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said police officers were waiting after driving the shooters into the building on Friday. 1 hour or more Break the classroom. The revelation raised new questions as to whether the officers lost their lives because they did not act faster to stop the shooters who were eventually killed by the border patrol tactical officers.

State police said on Tuesday The teacher who supported me at some point opened the front door The shooter had closed it to school before using it to get inside.

But the door wasn’t locked, police said. Authorities initially said they came in through a door that Ramos supported and opened.

Instead, investigators said an unidentified teacher noticed an archer on campus and closed the door that was supported and opened when he picked up her phone and called 911. .. Public security. Investigators are investigating why the door was not locked.

Jacob Alvarado, an off-duty border patrol agent who rushed to school with a shotgun borrowed from a barber, said he was chaotic when he arrived looking for his daughter and wife on Tuesday. Both were physically intact in the attack, he said.

“For me, I think everyone there was doing their best depending on the situation,” he said. NBC’s “Today Show”. “I think everyone there was doing everything on their own.”

Officials said Ramos had legally purchased two guns shortly before the school attack. May 17th AR style rifle and May 20th 2-chome rifle.

Of President Joe Biden A long-term planning meeting with New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday moved to gun control a week ago after what happened in Yuvarde. Buffalo, NYWhere 10 blacks were killed by racist supporters Substitution theory.

Ardern won the passage of gun control after a white supremacist killed 51 Muslim worshipers at two Christchurch mosques in 2019.

Biden told reporters, “I promise to meet Congress about guns,” but the White House admitted that winning the new gun control would be an uphill in an evenly divided parliament.

Salter reported by O’Fallon, Missouri.

Funeral begins for victims of shooting at Yuvarde’s school

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