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Gabby Petito’s boyfriend: Brian Laundrie’s search continues

Boyfriend Brian Laundry, 23, was identified as involved in the Gabby Petit case. He was last seen by a Florida family on Tuesday.

Moose, Wyoming — Officials said the body found in northern Wyoming was the body of a 22-year-old woman who disappeared during a cross-country trek with her boyfriend, who was the subject of a fierce search in a Florida nature reserve. Was thought to be. ..

According to the FBI, the body of Gabriel “Gabby” Petit was found by law enforcement agencies searching a campsite on the eastern border of Grand Teton National Park over the weekend.

FBI special agent Charles Jones said the cause of death has not yet been identified. Details of where and how the body was found have not been disclosed.

“We haven’t completed a complete forensic identification to 100% confirm that we’ve found Gabby, but her family has been notified,” Jones said. “This is a very difficult time for (Petite’s) family and friends.”

Boyfriend Brian Laundry, 23, was identified as involved in the incident. He was last seen by a Florida family on Tuesday.

Jones and other law enforcement officers declined to ask questions during a Sunday night press conference at Grand Teton announcing the body’s findings.

Petit’s father, Joseph, posted on social media an image of his injured heart on his daughter’s photo, with the message “She touched the world.”

A lawyer who has been a spokesman for Petito’s family called in a statement to give the family room for grief.

Attorney Richard Benson Stafford has indicated that the family will issue a public statement at a later date, and he will be on staff at the FBI, Grand Teton Search and Rescue, and other agencies involved in the Petit search. Thank you.

“My family and I are forever grateful,” Stafford said in a statement.

The undeveloped campsite on the eastern side of Grand Teton, adjacent to the national forest, will remain closed for the duration of the investigation until further notice, Jones said.

Investigators were still seeking information from anyone who had seen Petite or Laundry around a campsite in the Spread Creek area, where law enforcement investigations were concentrated over the weekend, Jones said.

The pair set out for cross-country trekking in a modified van in July and visited a national park in the western United States. According to police, Laundry was alone when he drove the van back to his parents’ home in Northport, Florida, on September 1.

On Sunday, more than 50 law enforcement officers began their second day searching for laundry in more than 24,000 acres of Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, Florida. This reserve is a wildlife area with over 100 miles of trails and campgrounds.

Police in North Port, Florida, said in a statement that the discovery of the body was heartbreaking and promised to continue looking for answers to the case.

Petito’s family filed a missing person report with police in Suffolk County, New York on September 11.

Petito’s family begged Laundrie’s family to tell them where their son last met her. Petito and Laundrie were childhood lovers they met when they grew up in Long Island, New York. His parents later moved to Northport, about 35 miles (55 kilometers) south of Sarasota.

The couple’s trekking at Ford Transit began in July on Long Island. According to social media accounts, they were expected to arrive in Oregon by the end of October. However, officials said Petit disappeared after his last contact with his family in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, in late August.

Police pulled the van on August 12, after speeding up near the entrance to Arches National Park and hitting a curb, according to a police video released by the Moab Police Department in Utah. The bodycam video showed an emotional petite sitting in a police car while a policeman was asking a laundromat.

Moab police eventually decided not to prosecute and instead separated the couple that night. Laundry checked in at the motel and Petit remained with a modified sleeper.

Gabby Petito’s boyfriend: Brian Laundrie’s search continues

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