Generous donations lead to new park equipment

Lima-Forlot Park has received a new playground thanks to the late Gloria Jeans Lawrence, a very generous donor. On Friday afternoon, Lima’s parks, recreation and forestry cut the red ribbon and officially opened a new playground dedicated to Lawrence.

The city of Lima began working on this project in 2018. Before that same year, Lawrence dedicated her property to Lima. Her deceased husband, Floyd Lawrence, and Gloria, who had lived in Sebring, Florida for many years, wanted to return to her home before her death, but she never returned.

Her neighbor, Debbie Weigand, spent time reaching out to the city of Lima to make her ultimate wish come true. Lawrence left Lima at an early age, but she never lost her nostalgic memories of her home. Due to her love for her area, she left $ 498,000 in the city of Lima. She didn’t have her own children, but wanted to provide her heritage to her children in her hometown.

The cost of the new playground is about $ 700,000.

“We have completed an investigation of all playgrounds. It has discovered our strengths, weaknesses and potential threats / harms in our playground,” said public works director Rick Stree. .. “We were able to redo multiple parks in our area, and 94 percent of the funding came from state gifts and grants. In our next project in 2018, state grants Earn $ 250,000 through. I’m preparing to complete the refurbishment of Forlot Park, but suddenly I got a call from Florida. I’m looking for a way to commemorate Gloria. A short here in Lima. time.”

The new park now includes all ability equipment, suspension bars, new surfaces, swing sets, slides and more.

“When I got out of the car, I just started crying,” Weigand said. “I know how much she enjoyed this space.”

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(From left) Mayor Rick Story, Debbie Waygand, and Charetta Smith at the Gloria Jean’s Lawrence Memorial in Forlot Park.

Generous donations lead to new park equipment

Source link Generous donations lead to new park equipment

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