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Gillian Anderson had “some minor breakdowns” during her career.

The X-Files star admitted that she had difficulty during her many years of career, so she was able to take some time to play and “accept” her acting again. T.

She said: And after a while, I was able to hug him again, but when I started hugging him, it was as if I was too far away from myself and watching the video like a different person. I’ve been doing it as completely as possible and for so long, so it has no effect. Of course, that comes with consequences. “

When Gillian finished her performance on the “train named Desire,” she admits that the role was so “profound” to her that it was like a “sad” process.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “I felt like I lost my best friend. [I wrapped my run], And I arrived like a complete wreck. It was very deep. I also knew that I was unlikely to do the same again because I knew I would probably go crazy. I’m really close. For example, I survived only with the skin of my teeth, but if I try again because I don’t want to let go of my ego, attachment, or her, I’ll get results. is. “

Gillian Anderson Mini Breakdown | Entertainment

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