Glass City River Wall Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Toledo, Ohio — The Glass City River Wall is currently about 85% complete, with clothing and sunflower paint remaining, but due to unexpected costs and Mother Nature, the organizers have asked the community to complete it. I am.

Project manager Christina Kasper said, “We can get everyone to attend the table, which is the spirit of this project, to see the iconic work of art widely and say,’I’m that work.'” Told.

She adds that there is no template for this project, especially in the Midwest, as no one has ever done it.

Casper said he is facing some weather problems and a global supply chain crisis.

Due to these issues, the project was put on hold for two and a half weeks while they waited for painting.

Kasper also wants to be able to invest more in the educational element of mural painting.

“We’re starting to understand how important it is to the community. It’s a bit overkill, not a ton, but we’ve already got a lot of feedback about it,” Kasper said. I am saying. It will be a really important part. “

If Kickstarter exceeds the goal, Kasper said he wants to add lights, create a park where he can take pictures, and even paint the back of the silo facing East Toledo.

“It’s really great to paint the back so that not only the city of Toledo is positive, but the eastern side is also backwards,” Casper said.

When the other side is drawn, it becomes the largest mural in the world.

Glass City River Wall Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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