Golden Globe Awards continue without TV broadcast

“Hollywood’s Biggest Party” has no television broadcasts, candidates, celebrity guests, red carpets, hosts, presses, or even live streams.

Beverly Hills, CA — Who cares if the Golden Globe Awards aren’t on TV?

This is the anxiety faced by the puzzled Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is advancing movie awards on Sunday night without television broadcasts, candidates, celebrity guests, the red carpet, hosts, the press, and even live streams. It’s just one of the questions. In a year of controversy, the biggest self-proclaimed party in Hollywood is now just a Twitter feed.

Members of the HFPA and some recipients of the group’s charitable grants will meet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for a 90-minute private event starting at 9 pm on Sunday.The names of the movie and television winners are the organization’s social media feeds and Website.. According to them, the emphasis will be on long-standing philanthropy.

It was a surprise to many in Hollywood that the organization is conducting events of all kinds. The HFPA fired after a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed in February an ethical revocation and a surprising lack of diversity. There were no black journalists in the group of 87 people.With the studio PR company Threatened to boycott. Tom Cruise returned his three Golden Globe Awards, but other A-listers blamed the group on social media.

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they Commitment reform last yearHowever, even after the public declaration at the 78th show, their longtime broadcast partner NBC announced in May that it would not broadcast the 2022 Golden Globe Awards. Because “changing this scale takes time and effort.” Broadcasters typically pay about $ 60 million for the right to broadcast a show. This is one of the most watched award programs after the Oscar and Grammy Awards.

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Often ridiculed, Hollywood has come to accept the Golden Globe Awards as a legal and useful stop for the competitive award season. And for audiences around the world, it’s a pretty lively night, with glamorous fashion, major stars, champagne-fueled speech promises, and regulars from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Ricky Gervais. There was a host who enjoyed HFPA.

After the NBC’s blow, the HFPA was widely expected to simply end the year. Some Hollywood studios and spokespersons have mostly opted out of their involvement with the group, as they have in the last few years, and refused to offer movie screeners for consideration. Few people celebrated publicly when the candidates were announced last month...

This year, Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical drama “Belfast” grew up in trouble. Jane Campion’s “Power of the Dog” was set in Montana in 1925 and was a Gothic Western starring Kirsten Dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch, both of which received seven major nominations. , Including the best photos. HBO’s “Succession” led the television side with five nominations, including the nod of the best drama.

Many A-listers started acting Nomination Will Smith (“King Richard”), Kristen Stewart (“Spencer”), Leonardo DiCaprio (“Don’t look up”), Denzel Washington (“Tragedy of Macbeth”), Ben Affleck (“Bidder”) ) Is also included. Bar “) and Lady Gaga (“Gucci’s House “). In normal years, nominations are added to promotional campaigns and ads, but this year most people chose not to accept nominations.

The Press Association has been in the months since the 2021 show. It remade itself.. The group has added Chief Diversity Officer. I overhauled the board. We invited 21 new members, including 6 black journalists. Introduced the NAACP in a five-year partnership. Updated the code of conduct.

Golden Globe Awards continue without TV broadcast

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