Golf outings celebrate Mitchell Prater’s life and raise money for camping

Going out was a nod about how Mitchell Prater strove to live his life by helping and enjoying others.

The Toledo-Plater family in Ohio turned the loss of their eldest son, Mitchell Prater, into the interests of children and adults with disabilities.

To honor Mitchell, just 24 years old, who died of an inoperable brain tumor, his family created a golf tour to raise money for the Indian Trails camp in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mitchell’s “happy place”.

Mitchell’s family thought they would raise hundreds of dollars for camping on the road, but they were delighted and surprised to find that they were wrong.

Golf tournaments involving orange T-shirts, bucket hats, friends and family have raised thousands of dollars. This is enough to send 100 children and adults with disabilities to the Indian Trails.

Going out was a nod about how Mitchell strove to live his life by helping and enjoying others.

“He was just having fun. That was what he wanted to do and he wanted everyone else to have fun,” said Mitchell’s mother, Kathy Prater.

Mitchell’s father, Brad Prater, said, “If you gathered things to go out for golf, you would have liked it, even if you thought golf was stupid, but everyone would get together and do it. You would have liked it. ”

Indian Trails Camp Sarah Streng’s director and respite coordinator said campers and staff loved Mitchell and talked about him often.

Strain smiled at Mitchell’s first memory.

“This guy is wearing a bucket hat. Why is he wearing a bucket hat? They aren’t stylish.” So it was a very short encounter. Then I met him again in the fall of the same year, “Streng added.

From there, they approached their love for helping children and adults with disabilities. Mr. Stren said Mitchell is the kind of person you can come with and he will help. He will calm you down and keep you laughing.

Strain said that anyone who knows Mitchell knows what it is to feel friendship.

“I saw him and said,” You have a million best friends! You made me feel very special every time I talked to you. Every time I was with you “And I said,” I don’t feel so special anymore, because everyone is your best friend, “Streng joked.

Strain reiterated Kathy and Brad’s entertaining and entertaining admiration for Mitchell. She explained that his laughter echoed and spread and he followed the beat of his drums. Kathy explained that she wanted the sons of both Mitchell and his younger brother and best friend Matthew to do their own thing.

Michelle was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in March 2020, but was able to earn a master’s degree in social work from Bowling Green State University. His health slowly declined, but the family said they didn’t stop having fun while they were told they were in his last two years.

“After the diagnosis, we were able to move on. Forget about the diagnosis and life,” Brad said.

Brad and Kathy Prater are still sad after losing their son in December 2020, just nine months after their diagnosis. But they still find a reason to smile. The couple were unaware of the life Mitchell touched.

They knew he was a sociable butterfly. He attended King Elementary School, St. Francis Desale High School, Siena Heights University, and Bowling Green University. Make friends, attend talent shows, dance recitals, make friends, help people in need, and more.

However, after his diagnosis, his friend hosted a 300 drive-by-parade for him. They created Mitchell’s project Facebook page to support and honor him.

Eventually, the page became a monument to remember and honor the entire life he lived in. Prater always wants to celebrate and talk about Mitchell, even if it hurts.

“I don’t want people to forget about him, so if people don’t talk about him, I’ll be sad,” Kathy said.

Praters will hand over a funding check to the Indian Trails Camp this year. They want to create a St. Francis Desale Scholarship in the name of Mitchell, so they are already planning to host another, preferably larger Mitchell Memorial Golf Tournament.

Golf outings celebrate Mitchell Prater’s life and raise money for camping

Source link Golf outings celebrate Mitchell Prater’s life and raise money for camping

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