Gommer sewerage project is approaching first

Gomer — The Gomer Village Sanitary Sewerage Project is closer to the beginning than ever before.

The long-awaited multi-million dollar sanitary sewer project to serve Gomer village is approaching construction.

Bradney Meyer, an assistant engineer in Allen County, advised the Commissioner that 114 of the 146 easement agreements were raised. Easements allow the county to set up pumping stations in residential areas.

Neemeier believes that residents will approve easements in the coming weeks. He expects all 146 real estate owners to ultimately grant easements to the county and refers to the higher costs of connecting to abstainers.

“Our contractors put this in or they don’t allow us to put us in real estate,” Niemeier said.

“Even if you detour the asset on the mainline, they will still be in debt repayment for the project,” he added. “They will have to pay someone to put that pump in. In essence, if they don’t allow us on their property, they may pay the service twice. I Are trying to clarify that. “

Otherwise, Neemeier shared last month that he had a pre-construction meeting with the contractor to schedule it. Contractors want to start by the end of this month or the first half of March.

The Commissioner received a $ 1.2 million loan from the United States Department of Agriculture to approve the final source of funding for the project in January. With an additional $ 2.7 million in federal, state, and local funding, the total cost of the Gommer sewerage project will be less than $ 4 million.

This project was needed eight years ago when the county received a water quality nonconformity complaint from the EPA.

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Gommer sewerage project is approaching first

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