Good luck in Ireland … the parade is back

Lima — On Saturday, Bobby “Moh” Marquey can finally exhale and experience the honor of having a three-year history.

It was the time that Markay was waiting to carry out his mission as the Grand Marshal of Lima’s 28th Irish Day Parade.

Mulcahy hastily canceled the 2020 and 2021 Irish Day parades. He turned those negatives and assembled them as his best achievement.

“Not everyone can say that they have been selected for the Irish Day Parade Grand Marshal for the third year in a row,” Markay said with a heartfelt laugh. “In fact, I’m the first and hopefully the last person to be able to say that. I don’t want to go for another two years without a parade,” he said.

The parade begins Saturday noon at Northland Plaza in Lima and heads south on Main Street.

According to parade organizer Darby Bourk, his group hasn’t been finalized until last month and has been stressful in recent months.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to bring this back to the community. It’s true. It’s a great event for the community to help get people out and survive the winter,” says Bourk. “I’ve been hot for the last two years, but I had to wait for my friends to come back at the right time, considering the safety of my friends.”

This year, some new and exciting things will take place on Parade Day, including a designated outdoor recreation area. The DORA district will only be effective during the Irish Day parade. The DORA cup is a one-time use only.

The Lima Police Department warns everyone to drink safely and responsibly.

“I think this goes without saying, but don’t give or buy drinks for minors,” said Major Rob Holman of LPD. “This is a celebration and we want everyone to enjoy it, but all of our alcohol law applies.

Holman said: We have had wonderful memories over the years and are pleased that the parade is back. I just want everyone to take the time to enjoy it safely. “

Students from the St. Gerard Catholic School will march at the 2018 Remailish Parade.


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Good luck in Ireland … the parade is back

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