Google rewrites photo storage, but better than all other Android smartphones Google Pixel

Overall Google Photos Hours after the new policy comes into force, the story ends, demonstrating the end of free and unlimited storage of high-quality photos in the cloud. In addition, the storage options available to the average Android phone user, especially the Google Pixel phone, will be reworked. The biggest change is that the ever-called compressed photos are no longer packaged as “high quality”. If you continue to use Google Photos, this storage option is called a “storage saver.” But wait. This applies only to Android phones manufactured by phone manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi, for example. Google Pixel smartphone users will continue to have unlimited access High quality or original quality photosIt depends on the Pixel smartphone you use.

Google It’s just a renaming from high quality to storage saver, ensuring everyone that quality and compression are the same as before. The other storage mode retains its original quality. Both count towards Google Storage Quotas shared with Gmail and Drive. But in another example of fragmentation, where Google’s ecosystem is very familiar, photos are also tailored for specific devices and are charged more than other Android phones. “While updating the name, photos and videos are still stored in the same high quality. As always, you can choose the best storage option,” said Andy Abramson, director of product management at Google Photos. Stated. The mechanism is as follows. All Android smartphone owners (except Google Pixel smartphones) will be able to upload all photos and videos to Google Photos starting June 1, 2021 and will count against the free 15GB quota. Google One Storage PlanAnd then to your Google Pixel smartphone.

Google Pixel users, photos may still be relevant to you

A new photo policy that eliminates unlimited photo and video uploads in high quality mode Google Pixel smartphoneThe hierarchy is like this. Google Pixel 2, 3A, Pixel 4, Pixel 4A, and Pixel 5 users will continue to receive unlimited storage saver uploads for the foreseeable future. These don’t count towards your free 15GB Google Storage or Google One Storage subscription plan, but the original quality photos count against your storage. If you have a Pixel 3, you can upload an unlimited number of original quality photos and videos until January 1st next year. After that, it also switches to unlimited high quality / storage saver mode. For some reason, original Google Pixel users will have unlimited and free access to the original quality storage option of Google Photos if they are still shaking their phones since 2016.

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Google rewrites photo storage, but better than all other Android smartphones Google Pixel

Source link Google rewrites photo storage, but better than all other Android smartphones Google Pixel

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