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Barbie Gran and Elizabeth Shaver bring their own version of one-stop shopping to Fairport Harbor Village.

They recently opened separate businesses within one store on Third Street. We believe that each company’s product line will appeal to similar customers.

Gran’s business Gourmet soap market, We specialize in premium handmade glycerin soap. Soap sponge; Farm-grown loofah soap. Spa products; and custom gift baskets.Shaver owned Arlington Garden, A shop that sells locally grown flowers and plants, as well as supplies for beach goers.

The two stores will start space sharing with the grand opening on May 1.

Short commute

Shaver didn’t have to open Arlington Garden far away from home while Gran was moving his business from outside the village to Fairport Harbor. That’s because she lives in the same building as the store.

Shaver and her boyfriend, Chris Pinta, live in an apartment on the second floor. Pinta owns a building consisting of other ground floor over-the-counter units on Third Street. On the second floor, along with the mansion where the shaver and pinta lived Apartment Will be leased to the visitor through Airbnb, Online marketplace for vacation rentals.

Emerging business

When Pinta bought a building known as Arlington in its history, he and Shaver noticed a vacant lot filled with garbage and overgrown grass across the street.

“No one really took care of me,” Shaver said. “Chris and I thought if we were to open Airbnb here, we would buy land across the street, and here. It will be something for guests staying in. They can take advantage of it. “

Pinta eventually bought the land and Shaver decided to plant a flowerbed to beautify the outdoor space.

“I always have a garden and I love flowers,” she said.

Shavers began selling garden flowers in the summer of 2020. She also named the site “Arlington Garden”.

“People were able to order bouquets,” she said. “Every Saturday there was a food truck here, so sometimes I stopped by.”

The Bloomwall in Arlington Gardens is adorned with locally grown flowers that customers can purchase individually or make bouquets. Arlington Garden on 204 Third Street in Fairport Harbor opened on May 1st. The business is in the same store as the Gourmet Soap Market, which opened on the same day.

locally grown

She turned her business into a physical store, but the shaver’s inventory includes flowers in the garden. She also receives flowers from other gardens managed at Fairport Harbor and seedlings grown in the basement.

“We have a lot of flowers to cut and come back, so you cut them and they will continue to grow,” she said.

Another way shavers can increase their inventories is to secure flowers from farms in northeastern Ohio that are part of a group of producers.

“So all the flowers are grown locally,” she said.

What’s inside?

The Arlington Garden Store has a bloom wall with flowers in a bucket from which customers can buy a single flower, assemble their favorite bouquet, or have a shaver make an arrangement.

In addition to flowers, the store also grows its own microgreens such as sunflowers, radishes and spring mixes.

Microgreen is a young leafy vegetable located between sprout and leafy vegetables. by Health information site

The nutritional content of Microgreen is concentrated. That is, they often have higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than the same amount of mature greens. Status.

Other products featured at Arlington Garden are indoor plants, seed packets and ceramic planters.

There is also a corner similar to a “hotel-like gift shop” for Airbnb guests and visitors Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park, Shaver said. Items for sale include Fairport Harbor T-shirts, beach towels, sunscreens, sundresses, leisure shirts and flip-flops.

Shaver believes it is a wise decision to set up Arlington Gardens alongside a gourmet soap market that offers products for events such as weddings and baby showers and sells many gift baskets.

“Flowers are complementary,” Shaver said. “Everyone loves flowers. Flowers make everyone happy. That’s why (flowers and handmade luxury soap products) work together.”

Gourmet soap market

Barbie Gulan is the owner of The Gourmet Soap Market, which recently opened a new location in Fairport Harbor Village. The market operates in the same store as Arlington Garden, which sells locally grown flowers and plants, beach apparel and supplies. Both businesses are based on 204 Third Street and opened their grand opening on May 1.

Beach location

Prior to the move of Gourmet Soap Market to Fairport Harbor, Gran had been operating in Willoughby for 11 and a half years. She decided to start manufacturing and selling her soap in 2010 after retiring from a sales career at a major insurance company.

The Gourmet Soap Market has become famous not only for its products, but also for its prominent location in Willoughby. This is a bright pink building on Vine Street.

After selling the building a few months ago, Gran set out to reestablish the soap market in another type of environment.

“My overall business goal was to move to a beach location,” she said.

Fairport Harbor seemed like an ideal place, but when looking for the right business site, Gulan didn’t think of anything at first.

But when someone gave her the name Pinta, her luck changed. She got that hint as the shaver was preparing to open.

Coincidentally, Gran and Pinta were high school and college classmates.

“So I contacted Chris and said,’Please put me in your store,'” she said after learning about Arlington Garden’s plans. “This is (shaver’s). ) It was going to be a space, and asked for both (to have a store on 204 Third Street) and we were united because it makes a lot of business sense. “

Product offer

According to Gulan, The Gourmet Soap Market’s product line is suitable for Fairport Harbor because many of the products in the shop are beach-related.

Actually, the theme is “The Beach” The best-selling collection in the store, A number of products inspired by the scent of sand, water and summer air. Gran recently made palm tree and flamingo soaps for the theme of “The Beach”.

According to Gran, the “typical products” of the gourmet soap market are Soap sponge.

“It’s a sponge topped with soap that lasts for three months,” she said, pointing out that soapy sponges have a variety of scents.

The second best-selling store ranking is Loofah soap. Loofah is a type of gourd that Gran and her husband grow in the gardens of a farm in Hambden Township. The fibrous interior of the loofah is extracted and soap is poured over it.

“If you want to exfoliate your body, feet, or hands, this is the best way to do it,” Gran said. “(Luffa) is a natural exfoliating agent.”

Other popular products Shower bomb And 5 pounds Soap bread Buyers can cut into smaller chunks as they use it. Gourmet soap stores also specialize in creative soaps. Gift basket And Shower, wedding, party favors.

Gran said he believes that both the Gourmet Soap Market and Arlington Garden businesses are “lively, fun and fun” and therefore compatible.

“I always tell people. I’m not a soap maker. I’m doing a job that makes people feel great,” Gran said.

Gourmet soap market, Arlington Garden opens in one Fairport Harbor store | Lifestyle

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