Goya’s board accuses CEO of commenting on fraudulent elections

Goya’s board of directors Reportedly Voted for blame CEO Robert Unanue After he made an unfounded public claim about fraudulent voting during the 2020 presidential election.

At the inauguration on Wednesday, Unanue appeared in Fox Business, talking about President Joe Biden’s victory as “unconfirmed” and about the upcoming war.

“I think this is a mission accomplished by a collective of unions, partnerships, social media, big tech, big media and big government to lead the dawn of the New World Order,” Unane said in a broadcast. .. Now that the war has come and the president is leaving today, they are still in the United States, after the working class. “

First reported board decision on Friday New York postMeans that Unanue will not be able to speak to the media without first obtaining the permission of the board of directors.

Unanue confirmed in the post that he would no longer speak publicly about politics and religion, but did not directly mention the board’s decision.

“Independently, I decided to cool down and stop talking about politics and religion,” Unane told Post. “I understand that it is important because of the diverse views of the company and our market.”

Unanue made waves in July He praised then-President Donald Trump at the White House event, saying the country was “really blessed” to welcome him. Lead it. These comments sparked a backlash from many Hispanic politicians and called on social media to boycott Latin food companies.

Later, Trump supporters responded by launching a “bicot,” and Ivanka Trump came out in favor of the company, urging consumers to buy Goya products.

It’s unclear how Unanue’s comments affected the company, as Goya hasn’t disclosed its financial earnings.But the source I talked to CNN business Prior to the comment, he said, “it is jeopardizing the future of the company” and “sales growth is less than before.”

Goya’s board accuses CEO of commenting on fraudulent elections

Source link Goya’s board accuses CEO of commenting on fraudulent elections

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