Grant Medical Center Enters “Crisis Bedding” Situation

According to an OhioHealth spokesman, this status means that the emergency department workflow has been modified to speed up patient triage.

Columbus, Ohio — According to OhioHealth, the Grant Medical Center has entered a so-called “critical bedding” situation with a record number of trauma and COVID-19 patients.

“Crisis bedding” is when a hospital changes the workflow of the emergency department. The goal of OhioHealth is to “speed up patients being triaged, reduce the number of patients in the lobby, reduce ED waiting time, and utilize all available ED beds.”

According to OhioHealth, there are two changes. “ED-registered nurses may need to be flexible in caring for additional ED patients with the help of LPNs,” said how many to speed up patient triage. Responsibility for that role has been redefined.

Last week, 10TV interviewed the director of the hospital’s trauma center. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of gunshot wound patients has increased by 70%, the largest number in hospital history.

According to a statement from Ohio Health to 10TV on Monday:

“The Grant Medical Center has treated a record number of trauma patients this summer, has high emergency department utilization, and is treating a large number of COVID-19 patients with the current surge. Many operational changes, including changes to the workflow before COVID infection, suspension of long-term surgery requiring an overnight stay, and staff relocation to enable increased patient capacity and care. The we.”

In late August, Ohio Health announced that it would suspend some elective surgery due to the need to increase the number of COVID-19 patients and bed capacity.

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Grant Medical Center Enters “Crisis Bedding” Situation

Source link Grant Medical Center Enters “Crisis Bedding” Situation

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