Greater Fortune: An important lesson from an entrepreneur who bought a company that fired her by Marie Cosgrove | Ohio

Ohio Kettering, February 23, 2021 / PRNewswire /-Even if you’re suffering from a pandemic, you can always take advantage of adversity-just like what Marie Cosgrove, Author of Greater FortuneAfter her male-dominated employer decided to dismiss her.

Kosgrove, a single mother with four children, was fired 12 years ago when he refused to cut wages due to too many commissions. She started her own business and a few years later she bought the company that fired her.

“Almost 10 years later balanceback ™ “We are a world leader in diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for fall prevention, concussion, brain and balance disorders,” said Cosgrove.

She didn’t give up growing up. And you can do it too. Whether it’s a daily problem or a seemingly insurmountable challenge, we all face challenges, especially during COVID in our personal and professional life.

In Greater Fortune, Business mastermind and motivational speaker Marie Cosgrove A guide to discovering ways to take advantage of these difficulties. She has been repeatedly asked to speak in manufacturing and engineering companies, which are traditionally male-dominated industries.

“If you’re unemployed because of a pandemic, don’t feel sorry for yourself, look at your skill set and write down 10 ideas every day. In just 30 days, you’ll come up with some great ideas: We could make the world a better place. “

One of her daughter’s 16-year-old friends received a suggestion $ 300 The day to sell last year’s Christmas decorations.

For now, employers need to think about ways to retain good employees. She wanted to keep a star employee, but was afraid he would leave for a higher wage at a company that could afford it.

“The engineer found that he loved traveling, so he assigned him to install medical equipment throughout the county. When someone else offered to pay him more, he refused because he no longer had the opportunity to travel. I did, “said Kosgrove.

Companies also need to think about ways to be creative and look for opportunities to grow rather than give up.

It was difficult at the beginning of her company’s pandemic, as some customers, who are audiologists and neurologists in certain states, were closed. As a result, they had to focus on customers in other states that were still licensed to do business.

“Many of them were having a hard time. We put together a marketing plan and showed how to monetize their practice. It helped them find more patients and more machines. We sold it, “said Cosgrove.

Born in poverty, Kosgrove endured turbulent upbringing and abusive marriage. Throughout, she raised her own four children, struggling to follow her path in the business world.

Not only did she survive, she changed the lessons of adversity to her advantage and became a millionaire entrepreneur and innovator in the highly competitive field of medical devices. Now she shares with you what she has learned from both success and failure.

Important lessons include the following valuable insights, tools, and techniques:

  • Get away from what might be hindering you without feeling guilty and focus on the future
  • Overcome fear and respond to disappointment in a constructive way
  • Preparing for success and building on it
  • Preparing for failure and learning from it
  • Be bold and enhance the game by taking the calculated risk after a setback
  • Jump every time an opportunity arises, especially in difficult times
  • Dealing with toxic people, fierce competition, and business prejudices
  • Accept the future and give back to others to foster continuous growth

“Everyone has the talent and resources to leverage, just as we all have disadvantages,” says Cosgrove.

In her book, you not only reveal your unique opportunities for greater achievement and achievement, but also take advantage of your perceived weaknesses and use them to achieve success. Learn how.

Greater Fortune: An important lesson from an entrepreneur who bought a company that fired her It’s a moving story and a roadmap to a better life. It is filled with hard-earned wisdom and practical strategies that will help you make the most of the greatness that is already in you.

This book was released in March Ben Bella Books, Amazon And other retailers.

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Greater Fortune: An important lesson from an entrepreneur who bought a company that fired her by Marie Cosgrove | Ohio

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