Green Rehab BT Solar Part of Cleveland Forest City Apartment

Located on the corner of West 25th Street and Detroit Avenue in Cleveland’s thriving Ohio City district, Forest City Apartments is one of Cleveland’s most environmentally friendly buildings. Better together solar (BT Solar), The largest solar installer in northeastern Ohio worked closely Snavely Group And Dimit Architects follow us Enterprise Green Community +20 Design Criteria Integrate green practices into affordable homes. The results set the standard for sustainable green rehabilitation in the city of Cleveland.

Two structures make up the Forest City Apartments building. Forest City Savings & Trust Building built in 1904 and Seymour Block built in 1878. Both are registered on the National Register of Historic Places. The building was connected on the upper floors in the 1940s and underwent major renovations to support mixed use. Forest City Apartments includes 38 studios, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments on the upper floors. The ground floor of the project is secured by two internally connected commercial tenants. There is a restaurant incubator with four unique food concepts in one space, a large shared bar and outdoor patio, and 9,000 square feet of coworking and event space. Small bar, work lounge, private meeting room, dozens of offices and desks.

BT Solar Cleveland

The project received a 9% low-income housing tax credit from the Ohio Housing and Financial Services Agency, along with state and federal historical tax credits managed by the National Park Service. In securing bids for recent refurbishments, Snavely Group, a full-service construction company in northeastern Ohio, has promised to offset 75% of its total energy with renewable energy.

“This project was special. Our solar panel design needed to offset 75% of the energy consumption in the field with clean energy,” said Myles Murray, communications director at BT Solar. Stated. This meant that BT Solar would have to take advantage of all available rooftop space, including the carport canopy. To reach the target production, we found additional space to mount the panels using a steel frame that previously had a sign. A flash mount system was used to maximize module density. Flash-mounted panels also help the system blend seamlessly into the roof and support the historic integrity of the building. “Even though it occupies more than 80% of the rooftop space, the rooftop system is basically invisible from the street,” Murray said.

According to Murray, a combination of 365WLG modules and 325W Hanwha Q-Cells panels was used for a total of 680 modules. The Cleveland Public Power Network estimates that energy production exceeds 225 MWh per year, with savings of approximately $ 35,000 per year. You can monitor the energy generated and consumed in real time to see your building’s energy purchases and savings. Other environmentally friendly features built into the building include high performance insulation and a highly efficient HVAC system.

Pete Snavely, Jr., Vice President of Development for Snavely Group. Sees the Forest City Apartments building as the future of buildings for responsible living and celebrates the success of cooperation among all parties.

Buildings account for about 40% of total energy consumption in the United States, and most of these structures have been in use for decades. Reducing energy usage should not only guarantee long-term cost savings for homeowners and businesses, but should also be a central element of a meaningful climate strategy. “The Forest City Apartments building is a good example of how solar works in Cleveland,” Snavely said. Myles Murray agrees. “This project proves that solar panels can be installed without compromising architectural details,” he said.

The Forest City Savings & Trust and Seymour Block project won the Conservation Achievement Award at the 2020 Conservation Celebration. A conservation celebration is held annually to “celebrate an exemplary historic conservation project throughout northeastern Ohio.” It was also recognized as the best multi-use rehabilitation by Heritage Ohio in 2020.

“The broader story here is that there is a quiet revolution in solar panels,” Murray said. The move to solar power creates jobs, brings energy production and its benefits back into the hands of people, and contributes to cleaner air and water for everyone. The city of Cleveland is encouraging the installation of solar energy systems, and the Cleveland solar market is expanding. Recent studies have shown that Cleveland, with an average of 4.2 hours of full sunlight per day, produces more solar power per capita than the sunny metropolitan areas of Houston, Atlanta, and Charlotte. ..

According to Murray, solar panel technology is changing every year. Module efficiency has improved from about 13% to over 20% over the last 20 years. Solar panels require little maintenance and are built to last for about 30 years. BT Solar designs and installs solar energy solutions for commercial, residential and non-profit customers. In addition to technology and installation, BT Solar works with clients to create custom financial solutions and prepare and submit all permits and applications. Their local expertise ensures that they can monitor the unique details of each installation.

Green Rehab BT Solar Part of Cleveland Forest City Apartment

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