Hank’s Texas BBQ Opens in Clinton Building

The new barbecue joint brings the taste of Texas to Clintonville. Hank’s Texas BBQ opened last month at N. High St. 2941, the former mansion of Old Skool.

For beginners, Texas barbecue is all about brisket. The owner, Brad Hawk Rider, says. Memphis and St. Louis have ribs, and on the east coast you can eat pulled pork to whole pigs, and in Texas you can eat beef.

Harkrider gives an overview of Hank’s perfect order. That is, the thick side of the brisket with pickled vegetables and white barbecue sauce. This is just one option on the menu that includes pulled pork, sausages, ribs and smoked chicken. Salted, smoked and braised chicken is another highlight, according to Harcrider.

For dinner, there are classic barbecue sides such as macaroni and cheese, spoon cornbread, grilled end beans, collard greens, and vinegar throws, as well as sandwiches and appetizers to start a party. Fried green tomatoes, poutines, rib chips, corn cakes and candy bacon are just a few of the options in the starter category.

To wash it all off, there is a full range of beer, wine and liquor, and the choice of bourbon is increasing.

Harkrider has a lot of experience in the industry, but before Hank’s, barbecue was a family entertainment hobby.

J Liu’s longtime chef, Asian fusion cuisine, didn’t have many barbecue opportunities. (Hark Rider won a smoker, but he incorporated it into some special dishes.)

While in a fine dining restaurant, the Hulk Rider said he played various roles inside and outside the kitchen and wore many hats. He actually felt the ownership of the restaurant, not the owner. Harkrider and J Liu owner Jason Liu bought a restaurant in Mansfield together for three years and sold it in August 2020 under the influence of COVID in an attempt to further expand ownership.

The pandemic cast some other twists and opportunities in the Harkrider’s way. The chef initially announced his intention to leave J Liu on February 15, 2020 and pursue himself. The transaction was scheduled to close on March 20, 2020. A week ago, the world shut down. The plan was ruined.

But then a chance came. During the pandemic, a catering deal with Rogue Fitness to provide lunch to more than 1,400 employees provided the funding needed to launch Hank’s Texas BBQ.

Harkrider has always loved the process of barbecue. It cuts meat that may not be the most luxurious and cooks it for a long time to make it 10 times better.

He says Columbus has a good barbecue scene, but unlike Texas, where smoked meat is everywhere. Harkrider also wants Hank’s to fill the gap in a more comfortable, full-service barbecue dining experience.

The Old School Space in Clintonville has selected many checkboxes. Harkrider was aiming for something as small as a 2,400-square-foot space clock with a kitchen. He liked the atmosphere of the outdoor patio provided by the restaurant’s large garage doors, especially getting out of the pandemic.

He also likes the Clintonville community as a strong supporter of local businesses.

Hanks Texas BBQ is open Sundays and Tuesdays to Thursdays from 3pm to 10pm. Business hours on Fridays and Saturdays are from 3 pm to 11 pm. For dinner, you can order BBQ with in-store online ordering and delivery.

Once the restaurant is on track, Harcrider will also open a brunch, serving dishes such as brisket tacos, French toast and egg benedict.

For more information hankstexasstylebbq.com..

All photos by Susan Post

Hanks Texas BBQ Smoker
Hawk Rider is excited about the garage door that opens on Hank’s patio
Bingo board seems to be a big success in brunch!
Hanks takes over the old Clintonville old school home
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Hank’s Texas BBQ Opens in Clinton Building

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