High Concerns About Voter Registration Rejected in Three Ohio County

Columbus, Ohio-A high percentage of rejected voter registrations in the three largest counties in Ohio give some warning signs.

according to Election management and voting surveyIn 2019 and 2020, most online or face-to-face registrations in Ohio were accepted, but registrations sent by mail, the Automobile Authority, or public authorities could be rejected. It became expensive. Specifically, 18% of registrations from designated public authorities were not approved.

Kayla Griffin, Governor of All Voting, explained that he was Local-Ohio and that more than half of the denials came from the counties of Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Montgomery.

“These are state institutions or institutions that people outsource, whether they are schools or public libraries,” Griffin pointed out. “They must be the most well-equipped people, with the exception of the Election Commission, in order to actually carry out and promote voter registration.”

The organization requires the boards of directors of the three counties to: Investigate the institution, And request the disclosure of information related to the refusal.

Griffin said he hopes the issue can be fixed so that access to ballots is not blocked.

She added that the refusal could have missed the deadline or was the result of the need for additional training for volunteers and workers.

“If they don’t fill out the form properly, are they also warned that” this form wasn’t accepted and you need to start over “? “Griffin asked. “I doubt that, but we don’t know, so we want the board to start asking some of those questions.”

All Voting is Local sent the request by letter to Ohio election leaders as well as officials from the Election Commission in the counties of Kaiyahoga, Franklin, and Montgomery.

“Because the Secretary of State is the main supervisor of the election, if there is no response from the Board, ask the Secretary of State to escalate and ask the Secretary of State to investigate and understand what is happening. “I will,” said Griffin. Emphasized.

At the national level, about 3% of all registrations were invalidated or rejected. Approximately 9% were invalidated or rejected by the designated public aid agencies.

Support for this report was provided by the Carnegie Foundation in New York.

Source: Ohio News Connection

High Concerns About Voter Registration Rejected in Three Ohio County

Source link High Concerns About Voter Registration Rejected in Three Ohio County

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