High School Football: Ottawa-Grand Rufu in Final Four

Ottawa — From 0-2 to Final Four.

The Ottawa-Grand Rufu season may not have started as Titan head coach Kenshliner wanted, but the team will be in the state semifinals against Kurtland (14-0) at Clyde Wilson. He’s definitely a happy guy at this point of the year because he’s getting ready to play Saturday at 7pm stadium.

This is Titans’ second trip to this level after achieving a feat in 2009.

“I think we’re very senior heavy, and we’ve improved a lot over the year since we were in Game 1 and Game 2,” Schleiner said. “We took two chunks early on, which has improved a lot. It’s for many reasons, it’s for kids who trust coaching, and for some. We’ve made a personnel change. We’ve made some scheme adjustments, but it’s much better. “

In their first defeat, Eastwood and Wapaconeta scored Titan 72-32.

However, after the change, the Titans defeated 10 out of 11 (the only defeat to Van Wert in the seesaw case), surpassing opposition 477-116.

Tweaks were seen in defense, with Titans including an impressive defensive show against Elilia Catholics who made some big turnovers while shutting down Panther last week when OG won 31-6. , I kept the team down to a single digit. I’m running the game to ensure victory.

“I found someone who was playing out of position, better suited to linebackers than safety, and better suited to safety than linebackers, so I made some adjustments,” Schleiner said. ..

Schleiner added that the success of the defense begins with the team’s defense coordinator, Brian Heavesch. Brian Heavesh helped prepare the team’s game plan to stop the other teams.

“He identifies what his opponent is trying to do, actually takes what their main focus is, and tries to make it difficult or away from him,” Schleiner said. rice field. “He also makes tremendous adjustments during the game, and sometimes half-time. He’s a super clever guy who really has a great feel for the game.”

Like defense, attack shows steady improvement. The team, led by quarterback Landen Jordan, brings a balanced approach to passing and running.

In the overtaking game, Jordan had a lot of receivers to throw and was exhibited against Elilia Catholic when three different receivers made touchdown catches, but with the team’s top receivers who made big catches throughout the game. One Caleb Kuhlmann was not included.

Ian Fenbert was the team’s main running back, winning nearly 100 yards against Elilia Catholics.

“That’s our goal,” Schleiner said. “We want to keep the team out of balance. We want to throw when we want to throw. We don’t want to be forced into a throwing situation. Identify how the defense works. We have the ability to throw the ball if they want to load forward and come after us to shut down the run. Conversely, they are outside and Whitey ( If you want to double Colin White) or Caleb Kuhlman, open things inside for a run game.

Like defense, Schleiner points to Titans’ attack coordinator Darin Fox for a successful team attack.

“He’s doing a great job calling theater either Friday night or Saturday night, he just identifies what he’s looking at, and the kids really accept what they’re doing. increase.”

In addition to the coaching staff, Schleiner said the key to the team’s success is that the team work together as a unit, and because they are seniors, the team’s way to reach this point He points out that he understands that effort is needed.

Schleiner refers to the men playing the team in the trench and on the line of attack and defense. Yes, Tyler Leopold, an aggressive and defensive tackle bound to Akron, is an outstanding player, but one or more guys are needed to get the results the Titans have achieved.

“They communicate with each other,” Schleiner said. “Cael Hoehn is probably the loudest in the group and he has a great job of talking about things and helping those people. Tyler is clearly one of them and we have Bo Niemberg. He’s probably a quiet person and he really does what we need to do. He’s superior, physical, and playing the games we want him to play. “

According to Schleiner, this trip was good for groups who knew how to enjoy it off the field, but it was all a line-to-line business, when it ranked first in Cartland this week. It will be tested.

The state power, the Hornets, has won 38-15 victories over the South Range and won the 10th regional title in 11 years.

Kartland’s Mason Ruth rushed to 1,798 yards and 23 touchdowns, while quarterback Ramon Rescano passed 1,106 yards and 19 touchdowns. The Hornets’ main receiver is Gabe Sullivan, who caught 42 balls in 881 yards and 17 touchdowns.

As a team, the Hornets are on average 41.7 points in the game, abandoning an average of 6.8 points in the game. All but two opponents were reduced to a single digit. Unfortunately, they scored 30 points in every match except one this year.

“The approach is to go out and play the best games,” Schleiner said. “That’s our weekly goal, because if we can say that, we’ll improve, and that’s what we want to do is to improve every week. Go out and get your body You need to find a way to move it and shut it down. I know it will shut down completely, but there is a painful way to create a playdrive 12 to 15 times, so the goal is to make an aggressive punt. It puts a point on the board, they wear out the watch, and they are really good at it. “

Powerhouse Kartland is waiting for Titans

High School Football: Ottawa-Grand Rufu in Final Four

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